As Dangers From China Continue to Mount–Ted Cruz Reveals a New Plan

For a long time, Hollywood liberals have danced to communist China’s tune. They actually obey the cruel nation’s demands for censorship, altering movies and television to appease them. In the fallout of the virus outbreak, Ted Cruz is fighting back. He is preparing legislation that will put communist-loving movie studios in their place.

We know the communist nation of China has a lot to answer for. They sat back and did nothing as the virus spread from their country to the world. But worse than that has been their continued secrecy and silence of what really happened. The communist government maintains a policy of censorship. They censor their own people, the news, and vital information that could save lives.

You’d think freedom-loving Americans would detest such a policy. But not in Hollywood, where they love money more. For years, Hollywood (much like Silicon Valley) has bent over backwards for the corrupt leaders in Beijing. They have actually altered their movies, censoring them, in order to get them into China.

In light of all that we’ve suffered in recent days, thanks to the CCP, Sen. Ted Cruz has decided to put a stop to this.

Sen. Ted Cruz wants to block the Department of Defense (DOD) from cooperating with movie studios that censor their movies for release in China.

“For too long, Hollywood has been complicit in China’s censorship and propaganda in the name of bigger profits,” Cruz wrote in a series of tweets Tuesday. “The SCRIPT Act will serve as a wake-up call by forcing Hollywood studios to choose between the assistance they need from the American government and the dollars they want from China.” …

The DOD has worked with television and movie studios in order to help try and more accurately depict the armed forces on screen – sometimes with movie plots that follow real events or those that are fiction.

Cruz’s legislation would stop that cooperation for studios that have altered, censored or edited their movies in order to comply with censors in China…

China’s government has also been widely criticized for its lack of transparency regarding the coronavirus pandemic – while officials there accuse the U.S. of “lying” about the virus. [Source: Fox News]

You might be asking yourself, “Why is this so important, now?” Well, in reality, this is the time to do it. Ted Cruz is seeking to cast a bright light on all the nefarious things China has been doing for years. Their silence over the virus is part of a larger campaign to hide the truth, from their people and the world. When things don’t work out as they like, China just lies.

That policy appears to extend to everything they do, from denying their people free speech, to controlling the news, to covering up working conditions. Not to mention their crackdown of the Hong Kong protests of last year (which ended right as the virus begin to spread, conveniently).

In light of what’s going on today, why should any American company (or entire industry) placate China? Don’t be fooled, more than Hollywood has a vested interested in communist China. Many more industries are in bed with them. But this might be the start of a much-needed break from this nation.

America cannot be dependent on a foreign power for anything. Even out allies have their own agenda. And China is far from an ally.

To think that American movie studios were tap dancing to make a corrupt regime happy? That should turn every Americans’ stomach.

Hopefully, this legislation will mark the start of a trend. One where America frees itself from the influence of a country that does not care when we suffer. A country that continues to spread lies and propaganda about the virus and us.

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