Former Trump AG Drops the Hammer On Democrat’s Latest Scheme

During the crisis, several Democrats have pushed to fund a vote-by-mail agenda. They have tried to use federal funds to enable people to cast their ballot through the post system. The problems this would create are many. Now, former Trump attorney general is calling out their scheme. In no uncertain terms, he is opposing it.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s so wrong with voting by mail? What’s the harm?” Considering the left’s history for voter manipulation, you don’t have to think long before you realize the threat. In order to vote in America, you have to be registered. You had to appear at your polling place and prove you were who you say you are. Voting officials would take your name off the list, so you could only vote once.

But if ballots were sent to your home, how could you prove the right person was voting? How could you prevent groups from collecting hundreds, maybe thousands, of these ballots and essentially “stuff” the ballot box for one candidate? On top of that, do you really trust the post office to get your ballot in on time?

The problems are numerous—which is why some Democrats want it. But Trump’s old AG is calling out the scheme and demanding Congress stand against it.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions argues if the push to use federal power to require voting by mail as an election offering is successful, it could threaten democracy in the United States…

“It is unthinkable that Congress would agree to such a demand, and if they stand firm, the Democrats will have to back down, for sure…

What the Democrats would do, ideally they’re saying they want to close polling places and send out ballots by mail. So, if your brother Billy is not here, or your mother passed away, or somebody has dementia — these ballots can be sent to a home, and anybody can cast them and send them in. People can intercept ballots if they are voting for someone who is not legal.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sessions explained that when he was a U.S. attorney in Alabama, he had to prosecute numerous cases of election fraud involving absentee ballots. That was all the way back during Reagan’s administration. Voter fraud through the mail is nothing new. He’s seen firsthand how not voting in person can lead to all kinds of violations.

After all, how can anyone prove a voter’s identity, if they don’t show up to vote?

Many have even made a case against early voting, as it means some people might vote before they get all the information. Holding an election on one day, requiring all Americans to vote at the same time, gives candidates the chance to win over as many voters as possible. Early vote, voting-by-mail can only lead to problems. Problems that dishonest politicians can exploit.

Make no mistake, voter fraud is very real. Crooked candidates have been trying to game the system for generations. Anyone that is saying fraud isn’t a big problem right now, most likely wants to commit fraud themselves (or is encouraging others to do it). With the stakes so high, we can’t let anything go to chance.

Sessions made the case for his re-election to the Senate by promising never to back voting-by-mail. He said, “If I’m in the Senate, they’ll pass this over my dead political body. I’m telling you — this is a fight that cannot be lost, and must not be lost.” There are numerous Republicans who share his sentiment.

But from state to state, district to district, Democrats are scheming to rob us of our democracy. Only when a flood of voters exercise their rights, do crooked like that lose.

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