After Governor Tries to Extend Lockdown–The State’s House Drops the Hammer

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the threat of COVID-19 rapidly diminish. Hospitalization and deaths are declining every day. Numerous states are rolling out plans to reopen. Yet a few Democrat governors are refusing to do the right thing to save their economies. Democrat governor of Michigan actually extended her lockdown until the end of May. So, the state’s House decide to sue.

I know, I know, you’re probably sick of hearing about COVID-19. After nearly two solid months of endless coverage, even most media outlets are moving on. We’ve gone past worries that the virus will wipe out all of mankind to worrying that our stupid government locked down the economy for no reason.

Smart leaders are moving to reopen their states. Many states have announced plans to bring things back to normal over the month of May. But there are a few holdouts, including California, New York, and (bizarrely) Michigan.

Protests have erupted in the state over their far-left, hatchet woman of a governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She imposed some of the most strict, and inexcusable, lockdown measures. This crisis has proven she is not fit to lead, showing herself to be more of dictator than governor. In response to Americans’ legitimate concerns, she extended the lockdown in a petty swipe. Now, her own House is bringing the heat.

On Thursday, the Republican-led House in Michigan rejected a 28-day coronavirus emergency lockdown order extension from Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Instead, the legislative body voted to authorize a lawsuit challenging the Democrat’s authority.

“Whitmer asked the Legislature to approve a 28-day extension of the emergency declaration, which expires Thursday night,” ABC 12 News reported. Instead, the House voted to allow Speaker Lee Chatfield to sue the governor over her “unchecked and undemocratic approach” in handling the virus. [Source: Daily Wire]

Throughout this crisis, we’ve seen state governors using executive power to shut down businesses, force Americans into their homes, and even fine people for not wearing masks. Rarely have they worked with their legislative bodies to approve these measures. That’s no good, my friends. This isn’t medieval Europe, where barons and kings rule with an iron fist. This is the United States, where the power of the executive branch is checked by other bodies.

While some states acknowledged this and both governors and local lawmakers cooperated, that has not been the case in Michigan. Whitmer has been passing one order after another, without the approval or consent of lawmakers or her people. In fact, this tyrant seems to be passing strict orders over her own disgust with the very people she’s sworn to serve.

That’s always a good motivation to lead: hatred for local residents!

We know that Whitmer passed this insane order out of spite. The threat of COVID-19 was never so bad that we needed full lockdowns. Many are demanding a return to normal, with measures in place to protect the most vulnerable. Yet Whitmer still claims the sky is falling as an excuse to hammer her own people.

I predicted many lawsuits would be the result of these lockdowns. And once again, we see a lawsuit coming out against Gov. Whitmer. It’s particularly shocking, because it’s coming from her own legislators. Don’t be surprised to learn of many other lawsuits, in Michigan and around the country.

We need our judicial branch to set limits on what governors can do during a crisis. Other problems will come our way. Are we going to let them lock us down every time there is a virus? Will Americans sit back and let our leaders rob us of our Constitutional rights, whenever it’s convenient for them?

As many people have said, I’ll take dangerous freedom over safe slavery any day.

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