GOP Senator Delivers Devastating News To China

As America comes out of the COVID-19 panic, more and more people are demanding action from China. Numerous lawmakers have expressed a desire to hold the communist nation accountable. Meanwhile, many on the left and in our media are all but silent about China’s role in the outbreak. Sen. Lindsey Graham repeated his past intentions, saying we should hammer China where it hurts.

You might not fully know why there are some Americans trying to protect China. It’s pretty simple, when you think about it (although still revolting). Over the last thirty years, American businesses have gotten more and more entangled with Chinese-owned companies. We’re not just talking about manufacturing. From investment to food production to (yes) entertainment and media, some of our biggest companies partner with Chinese firms (or are partly owned by them).

Nearly every major American industry has close ties to China, these days. And because of that, many in the media fear offending their communist overlords. Instead of holding China accountable for how they contributed to the outbreak, they’d rather spread more fake news about President Trump.

Lindsey Graham has had it. And he’s promising strong action against the foreign power.

Graham said, “I’m 100% convinced, without Chinese Communist Party deception, the virus wouldn’t be here in the United States. I’m 100% convinced they will never cooperate until they’re made to do so.”

He later added, “I’m going to introduce sanctions Thursday that will sanction the hell out of China until they cooperate with us to determine how the virus came about and they close these wet markets. This is the third pandemic coming from a wet market. It is now time to push back against China.” [Source: Breitbart]

The sad reality is, we can’t count on Democrats to help hold China accountable. That’s because liberals are so determined to use this crisis to hurt Trump’s re-election, pointing the blame on China would undermine that pathetic goal.

It’s going to take the combined effort of the GOP and pressure from the American people to hold China’s feet to the fire.

Graham shot straight when he laid out his beliefs. He said he was “100% convinced” that we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today, if it weren’t for China’s deception. We all know the timeline by now. China covered up news of the virus. They suppressed doctors who tried to warn the world. And they sat back and did nothing as infected people traveled.

Numerous Republican lawmakers have discussed plans to punish China for their actions. Some have even put forward legislation allowing Americans to sue the communist nation. Funny, we’ve seen very little from Democrats to support his.

Graham has discussed going after China before. Now, with the Senate reconvened, he is promising to introduce sanctions on China this Thursday. He wants to hit China with heavy sanctions in order to get the country to own up to what they did.

We know we can’t expect China to just admit what they did wrong. Evidence is emerging that the virus originated in a lab. For China to admit the truth would be an international embarrassment. And it would open the floodgates to a global campaign of retaliation. So, the country will most-likely lie, unless we do something.

Sen. Graham’s goals are simple. He wants us to sanction China until they cooperate. He wants China to work with our investigation into how the virus came about. He wants to know for sure if it arose naturally or from an accident in a lab. And he wants China to close those wet markets, which have been the source of pandemics more than once.

Seem like reasonable goals. But will China comply? More importantly, will Congress bother to do anything?

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