Trump Makes Strategic Move To Prevent Another Global Crisis

More and more details emerge, lending weight to the suspicion that China deliberately let the virus get out of control. The global crisis has forced many countries to take a hard look at their relationship with the communist state. Now, as usual, the president is taking the lead with decisive action to protect America’s supply chain for good.

Really, only the pathetic goons in the mainstream media still look the other way at China. But the facts are clear. Our government seems to believe the virus originated in a lab trying to develop ways to beat viruses. How ironic. Their lax safety standards led to a person getting infected—who then spread it to the greater Wuhan area. And then the world.

China watched the virus spread rapidly, but did nothing to warn other countries. They didn’t close their borders, letting infected people travel. New reports suggest they knew the virus could be transmitted person-to-person as early as the first week of December. But even as late as January 14, they were saying the opposite.

If there’s anyone to blame for this, it’s the Chinese Communist Party. It must be held responsible for the devastation it caused to the world. And at least President Trump is developing a plan to do just that.

President Donald Trump is reportedly spearheading a new initiative to remove global supply chains from China in response to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic that originated in their country.

“Economic destruction and the U.S. coronavirus death toll are driving a government-wide push to move U.S. production and supply chain dependency away from China, even if it goes to other more friendly nations instead, current and former senior U.S. administration officials said,” according to Reuters. “The U.S. Commerce Department, State and other agencies are looking for ways to push companies to move both sourcing and manufacturing out of China. Tax incentives and potential re-shoring subsidies are among measures being considered to spur changes, the current and former officials told Reuters.” [Source: Daily Wire]

For years, the president has urged businesses to leave China. Globalists scoffed at him. Only now are many realizing just how untrustworthy the red nation is. So, what if you get your sneakers made cheap—is it worth another global pandemic?

We also know that one of the reasons China hid news of the virus was so they could hoard supplies. They seemed to think if the world knew about the disease, they’d be quick to buy more medical equipment. Uh… yeah. But instead of seeing that as an opportunity, China gobbled up as many resources as it could, leaving the rest of the world in the dust.

Yeah, not a great group of people. Its clear China flipped the globe a middle finger, even as millions began to suffer.

Should we still be giving them trillions in business? I don’t think so.

Trump’s plan involves offering incentives to businesses that come back to the U.S. or at least move to another country. Sounds good to me. Why shouldn’t we work with countries that don’t try to screw us at the drop of the hat? Bring as much business back to the U.S.—especially now with 30 million in need to jobs. And the rest can go to countries that will tell us if they’ve got a deadly virus on the loose.

Sounds like common sense to me. Although, few people have that nowadays.

We don’t know if other countries will join the United States in this move. But it’s no secret that many countries look to America for guidance and leadership. If we pull our business out of China, expect many more to follow.

After all, every nation has been hammered by this crisis. Something has to change, for good.

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