Rush Limbaugh Makes Ominous Prediction As More Biden Scandals Come To Light

Questions mount over Joe Biden’s chances in the 2020 Election. He was already struggling before the Tara Reade claims surfaced. Now, some suspect he’s doomed to lose to Trump. Speculation is spreading that the Democrats, growing ever more panicked, will have to take drastic action. And Rush Limbaugh has made an ominous prediction.

If anyone truly believes Joe Biden is a strong candidate, they must be popping crazy pills. Early in 2020, his campaign was circling the drain. Nobodies like Pete Buttigieg was eating his lunch. Biden was behind on fundraising, barely earning any delegates. It looked like Bernie Sanders was going to go all the way.

Then Biden won a modest victory in South Carolina and the DNC scrambled. Desperate to block Sanders, they conspired to give Biden a big boost on Super Tuesday. Suddenly, the man who couldn’t finish a sentence was the “frontrunner.”

But the ensuing weeks haven’t been great for Biden. Even before the shutdowns, his campaign limited his speeches to just seven minutes. Stuck in a basement (as he calls it), the man hasn’t done a press conference in nearly a month. Even his television appearances are odd and confusing.

The allegations from Tara Reade only make matters worse. Does anyone think he can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump? Rush Limbaugh doesn’t think so and he’s claiming the party is going to do something drastic to save their bacon.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh predicted that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will essentially disappear from November’s election ticket… “Biden is somebody that’s not gonna be on the ticket anyway…”

“Something’s gonna happen. They can’t possibly, they can’t possibly go into the race with the guy on the ticket. He couldn’t withstand one debate with Trump if there were any debates.” [Source: Washington Examiner]

The Democrats knew they were in trouble the moment they propped up Sleepy Joe. There is plenty of evidence to suggest he’s losing his mind. The man, at best, is just too old to do sustained appearances, interviews, or rallies. For goodness sakes, he can’t even finish a speech from a script! Add to that the hole the left is in over their own #MeToo antics, they have a big problem.

Limbaugh’s prediction that “something’s gonna happen,” is pretty dark. What could the left possibly do to salvage this nomination? Barring any conspiracies, it’s possible they might pressure Biden to drop out. Or they will perform some kind of convention voodoo to select someone else. It might not be a coincidence that a judge ordered the New York primaries to resume.

Others are also predicting Joe might not happen.

Former Education Secretary and current Fox News contributor Bill Bennett told “Special Report” Wednesday that he believes there is “an almost 50 percent chance” that former Vice President Joe Biden will not lead the Democratic ticket in November’s election. [Source: Fox News]

Fifty percent? With each passing day, that number might be going up. Listen, you don’t need the Reade allegations to think Biden is in trouble. But with all of Joe’s mounting troubles, the Democrats would have to be crazy to keep him in the race.

So, the question comes down to not “will” they replace him, but “how”? The window to pick another nominee is fast closing. Sure, the DNC can just pick someone themselves, but it might outrage voters—who spent years trying to decide on a candidate. There are only a few options, but none of them will make all Democrats happy.

Just think, they had over twenty candidates to choose from last year. And this is the mess they ended up in. Really makes you wonder why we let them lead at all, huh?

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