After DOJ Drops Flynn Case – Trump Weighs In

Newly released documents blasted a hole in the left’s ongoing attacks against former Trump staffer Michael Flynn. The nation was shocked to learn that Obama’s FBI tried to set up a man, hoping he’d lie or get fired. The result? The DOJ dropped all charges against Flynn, clearing his name. Now, the president himself is showering praise on him.

A lot has happened in just a few days concerning the case against Michael Flynn. Let me try to break it down as best I can. Michael Flynn was one of the first men appointed by Trump to his administration. During the transition, he spoke with a Russian diplomat as a part of his job as National Security Adviser.

He was later charged for lying to the FBI over this perfectly legal interaction, a situation used by the media to push the Russian collusion narrative.

Recently, we discovered that FBI officials (Obama-era holdovers) specifically targeted Flynn. A memo revealed they were hoping to catch him in a lie to get him fired or prosecuted. This revelation cast fuel on the suspicions that the DOJ had tried to use Flynn as pawn to take down Trump. The DOJ, under Attorney General Barr, dropped the charges against Flynn this week.

Now, President Trump is declaring Flynn an “innocent man.”

President Trump praised his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and tore into the administration of former President Barack Obama on Thursday after learning that the Justice Department had dropped its case against Flynn.

“He was an innocent man,” Trump said of Flynn… “Now in my book he’s an even greater warrior.”

… Trump on Thursday claimed Flynn was a target of the Obama administration and called the investigation into his former national security adviser treasonous.

“They’re human scum,” Trump said. “It’s treason.” [Source: Fox News]

Basically, it appears FBI and DOJ officials were trying to get Flynn to lie in order to entrap him. Get him into hot water, so he would do or say anything to save his own bacon. Then they would use him to testify—one way or another—against the president. This was happening the same time former FBI head James Comey was investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 Election.

An investigation he told the president twice didn’t involve him. Which was a lie.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe this was a trap, set up by the deep state, to delegitimize the 2016 Election. Democrats and the liberal media were spreading the rumor that Trump worked with Russia to “steal” the election from Hillary. Obama holdovers in the DOJ were apparently trying to help them with investigations aimed at Trump allies.

Because there was no real evidence that Trump worked with Russia (because he didn’t), the DOJ’s goal was to find ways to force Trump allies to implicate the president. That way, Democrats in Congress could use it as a basis for impeachment.

But Trump’s allies refused to bend, including Michael Flynn. The crooked DOJ’s scheme never succeeded. Now, with Flynn’s case dropped, the country is learning just how far the left will go to grab back power.

I don’t have to tell you how serious this situation is. The good news is that an innocent man has been vindicated. Flynn was a decorated general and a man with a reputation of integrity. He should have been able to serve the White House with distinction. Instead, the deep state and the media smeared his name for years.

Much like they’ve done to many of Trump’s allies.

If this signals a changing of the tide, then expect to see those deep state scum get put in the hotseat. There were men who abused their power, to serve the left. They violated their oaths and our laws to get their way.

They have to be held accountable.

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