NBC Tries To Set up AG Barr — Gets Slammed Online

The liberal media was outraged over the exoneration of Trump former staffer Michael Flynn. Democrats across the news world lamented Attorney General Bill Barr’s decision, claiming he has undermined the rule of law. In fact, NBC News went as far as to edit their interview with the AG, to make it seem like he said something he didn’t. Now, they are regretting it.

It’s pretty pathetic to think that the liberal media would go after a man like Bill Barr. The attorney general has a long history of pursuing law and order in this country. He is a no-nonsense kind of man, someone who would never put politics or a personal agenda ahead of his solemn duty to uphold our laws.

But when he decided to drop the DOJ’s case against Michael Flynn, he immediately became the left’s new target. Barr had a very good reason to let Flynn off the hook: the charges against him were bogus. Obama-era flunkies in the DOJ and FBI tried to set up the man. A newly released memo revealed officials had questioned Flynn with the intention of trapping him, so he would get fired or prosecuted.

Many believe it was part of a larger scheme to take down Trump. Others, that this was payback for Obama—who never liked Flynn.

Barr dropped the charges because there was no material reason to even question Flynn. But when he was interviewed by NBC News, they made it seem like he had no regard for the rule of law—the very opposite of what he said.

Host Chuck Todd introduced a clip from CBS This Morning last Thursday, when reporter Catherine Herridge asked Barr about the decision to drop the prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn…

Barr: Well, history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing the history…

Barr joked about how history is written, then made the case that dropping the Flynn prosecution meant that the Department of Justice had “upheld the rule of law.” [Source: Breitbart]

They omitted what Barr said immediately after his joke, “But I think a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law.”

Why would NBC cut that out? Oh, because they wanted to look like Barr was helping a Trump ally, instead of upholding our laws. They deliberately misrepresented the Attorney General of the United States, because they are bitter over Flynn’s victory.

People quickly pointed out NBC’s trick online.

This quickly went viral, sparking outrage that NBC would be this blatantly dishonest. But at this point, are we really surprised? We have seen the Democrat-controlled media stoop to new lows during the Trump era. There is nothing they won’t say or do to tarnish the president and his allies.

After it become very obvious that Meet the Press edited the clip, they were forced to admit their wrong.

NBC News’ Meet the Press was forced to acknowledge Sunday that it had edited an interview of Attorney General William Barr in a way that made it look like he did not care about the rule of law, leaving out his comments on exactly that point. [Source: Breitbart]

Meet the Press admitted they “inadvertently and inaccurately” cut short the clip. Oh, of course! They “inadvertently” edited the clip to back the narratively they were already spreading across the fake news! It was just a happy accident, right?

Nothing the media does is ever their fault.

When they lie about Trump, his allies, and his millions of supporters, it’s all a mistake! We shouldn’t be upset when they call us racist or evil. We shouldn’t hold them accountable when they accuse Trump of lying, cheating, or undermining our country. It’s all “inadvertent.”

But why did they only cop to it, after Americans were outraged?

And will they bother to admit this on the next episode of Meet the Press—not just on Twitter?

And will they stop being pathetic stooges that mock the very institution they pretend to uphold?

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