Pelosi Stuffs Relief Bill With 5 Liberal Goodies

Nancy Pelosi kept the House closed for four weeks—even after the Senate opened. Then, she prepared the biggest spending bill ever, without a single Republican’s input.

Um… who’s partisan again, Nancy?

She wants to rush this thing through Congress, but we got a look at it. And to say it’s full of pork would be an insult to pork. This thing is gross:

From Daily Wire:

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled her new $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package on Tuesday, which she reportedly crafted largely without bipartisan input, that includes a massive tax break for the super rich in predominately blue states and directs taxpayer money to illegal aliens.

Let’s run through the top 5 most egregious things Nancy has slipped into this bill.

First, Nance’s bill gives massive tax breaks… to the rich. Uh, didn’t Nancy complain that Trump’s 2017 tax cuts bill was only helping the rich (even though it wasn’t)?

Yet now she is giving tax breaks mostly to rich Democrats (considering few wealthy conservatives live in blue states).

Second, she wants to give taxpayer dollars to non-Americans. That’s right. As millions of Americans struggle, Nance wants to give our money away to outsiders.

It only gets worse from there. Third, this bill would give $50 million for an “environmental justice grant.” What the heck does that mean? Is it social justice or environmentalism? And what does that have to do with coronavirus?

Oh, and if that doesn’t make you sick enough, fourth, the bill will also spend $5 million of YOUR money to buy lawmakers brand new laptops. Because, you know, it’s so hard for them, working remotely and all.

Give me a break.

It gets even worse than that. Fifth and finally, the bill also removes the president’s ability to fire inspector generals.

Really, Nance? Are you so petty you’d use a COVID-19 “relief” bill to undermine the president’s power?

I could go on listing the fat in this bill, but I think you’d report me for cruelty. Do you think these are necessary measures, or just a liberal wish list exploiting the current situation?

And then Nancy made it perfectly clear how much she would spend if she thought she could get away with it:

Endless, Nancy?

Sounds like she thinks money grows on trees. Either that, or she wants to fiscally run this country into the ground.

Republicans would have to be out of their minds to back this, don’t you think?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Pelosi Stuffs Relief Bill With Dem Wish List – 5 Liberal Goodies Include Laptops And Tax Cuts For The Rich

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