GOP Senator Explains Real Reason Obama Admin Launched Russia Hoax

Watch as Utah Senator Mike Lee explains the real reason the Obama administration launched the Russia hoax, to kneecap the incoming Trump administration:

Folks, this is the biggest political scandal in modern history and everyone involved up to and including former President Obama needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Never before has an outgoing administration tried to deny the results of a duly conducted election and mount what is basically a coup attempt.

No one should be above the law in this case, not even a former President.

Partial transcript:

MACCALLUM: What always continues to surprise me when I look back at this is that they never went to the Trump leadership or to the president and then said we have these concerns, these are things we came across during the transition. We’d like to make sure you are aware of it. Does that strike you as odd too?

LEE: Absolutely. They didn’t raise it with the leadership of the incoming Trump Administration, that could support the proposition that may be what they were trying to do was render less effective the incoming Trump Administration, maybe they didn’t like what the incoming Trump Administration might do because they were philosophically wired a little differently.

This is part of what is so disappointing about all of this.

You add to that the fact that Joe Biden when asked about it said he didn’t know anything about it and today gives an inexplicably weird answer about the fact that he had previously said he knew nothing about it.

MACCALLUM: We understand a couple of senators have called for Rick Grenell to testify, he is the acting DNI, acting director of national intelligence. It’s our understanding that that is not going to happen. Do you know anything more about that?

LEE: I don’t know anything more about Grenell himself needing to testify. What I do know is this is going to bring about a very significant investigation and there are going to have to be a lot of people answering a lot of questions and their need to be an abundance of congressional hearings on this issue.

This is really troubling stuff.

The fact that you’ve got an outgoing administration threatening or perhaps contemplating criminal prosecution against incoming national security advisors is disturbing.

These have real consequences in the real world for real people and I think they should be ashamed of themselves. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Michael Flynn for his willingness to serve and what he has endured as a result of it.

MACCALLUM: In terms of what the changes might be, you’re talking about potential accountability and prosecution, I think a lot of Americans have watched so many of these scandals come and go and they feel like no one ever actually gets in trouble for what they do.

That’s one point.

You could see reform in areas like FISA and what happened to Carter Page. With regard to the first part of my question, what would you say to them?

LEE: Dealing with prosecution, I’m in the legislative branch, not the executive branch. The decision of whether to bring criminal charges against someone is an executive branch decision.

Absolutely, we need change.

What we have seen is the most revered law enforcement institution in the entire world, the FBI has been tarnished.

I hope, in fact I strongly suspect that these are the actions of a small handful of robed actors within the FBI.

We’ve got a big problem, a problem that has manifested itself several times in the last few years alone and we are going to have to have some major structural reform to make sure that no one person is capable of abusing this much power.

Author: Steve Straub

Source: The Federalist Papers: Mike Lee Explains Real Reason Obama Admin Launched Russia Hoax, to Kneecap Trump Admin

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