AOC Backs Billionaire’s Call For ‘Trickle Up Economics’

Mark Cuban and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might make an unlikely duo, but they’ve come to agree on what’s economically best for the country to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuban, a billionaire businessman and co-host of ABC’s Shark Tank, took to Twitter on Sunday to discuss the idea of a transitional federal jobs program to track and trace the COVID-19 virus. He also said the Paycheck Protection Program didn’t help to stimulate the economy and argued that the only thing that can save businesses is consumer demand.

“It’s time for trickle up economics,” he said. “We need a transitional fed jobs program that trains and hires millions for a federal tracking/tracing/testing program as well as for support for at risk populations including long term care. We need to dent unemployment with stable jobs.”

Cuban also proposed a $500 billion “use it or lose it” interim spending stimulus program in which 128 million U.S. households could get a $1,000 check every two weeks for the next two months that must be spent within 10 days or it expires.

The national unemployment rate hit nearly 15% last month due to the jobs lost from the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is not like the recessions of the past, even the Great Recession, where we had time to allow entrepreneurs just to create enough businesses or create enough jobs,” Cuban told the Washington Examiner last week. “We’re down 30 million-plus jobs in two months.”

“We may have to go to jobs programs like we did in the ‘30s, which would make perfect sense for like tracking, and tracing, and testing where we train healthcare workers to do that and create 2 or 3 million jobs,” he added.

Ocasio-Cortez noticed the thread and responded with her approval.

“Totally agree,” the New York Democrat tweeted in response on Sunday. “It’s time for a Federal Jobs Guarantee.”

Author: Mica Soellner

Source: Washington Examiner: Cuban has previously said he is fond of Ocasio-Cortez but disagrees with some of her liberal policies.

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