Democrat Governor Scrambling As Scandals, Protests Mount

As the virus pandemic gripped New York, the mainstream media heralded the New York governor as some kind of hero. Although most of his efforts were only made possible by Trump, liberals tried to prop up Cuomo—praising his “leadership” during the crisis. Boy, that ended quickly. Now, facing a flurry of scandals, the embattled governor is desperately trying to find a way out.

It’s no secret that New York was hit harder than any other region. In a very real way, it’s poor response to COVID-19 hurt the rest of the country. Because cases exploded and area hospitals were close to being overwhelmed, the rest of us in were burdened with un-Constitutional lockdowns on our freedom. Despite the abusive treatment by their leaders, the media praised NY Gov. Cuomo. Some even hoped he’d magically become the Democrat’s presidential nominee.

But the inconvenient truth is that New York only survived because of the massive support provided to them by the Trump administration. Both New York City’s mayor and the state’s governor were massive failures. And even though NY is clearly out of the woods, Cuomo continues to hurt Americans with extended lockdowns. So, the protests that have swept across the country reached NYC.

On Saturday, several hundred people, mostly small business owners, gathered on Staten Island to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s closure of businesses deemed “non-essential.” [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of the problem’s Cuomo is facing. Remember all those healthcare workers that generously traveled to New York to help aid them in battling the disease? Yeah, Cuomo wants to tax them over the time spent in New York. So much for gratitude.

But it gets so much worse. Even with a questionably high death toll, it turns out many more died in nursing homes—the direct result of a rule pushed by Cuomo himself. Unwilling to take the blame for his own actions (like most Democrats), he’s making excuses.

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo snapped at a reporter during a press conference on Sunday when asked about families who lost loved ones in nursing homes from COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, after Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take patients that had the highly contagious disease.

“What is justice? Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody,” Cuomo said to the reporter. “Nobody. Mother nature. God. Where did this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus. That is the truth. Best hospital system on the globe, I believe we have. Best doctors, best nurses who have responded like heroes, every medication, ventilators, the health system wants for nothing. We worked it out so we always had available beds. Nobody was deprived of a bed or medical coverage in any way.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it hilarious that people who live like atheists only invoke God when they want to blame him for something? Cuomo’s policy of forcing nursing homes to take in sick patients has resulted in over 5,400 deaths. How many of those people would have been spared—had Cuomo not pushed this rule?

Yet he’s now saying “nobody” can be prosecuted for those deaths. Umm… I think someone can be prosecuted!

Honestly, every last decision made by Democrats during this crisis has made the problem worse. The only reason New York isn’t a smoking ruin right now is because of the heroic efforts made by the Trump administration. It was the president who provide massive amounts of resources and PPE. It was the president who sent mobile hospitals and a Naval ship to support the region. What has Cuomo or the mayor done?

Oh, they pushed orders that have spread misery and pain.

We’ve seen this patten all across blue states. And Americans are sick and tired of it. Do Democrats really think they can abuse Americans and still keep their jobs? They must be crazier than they look.

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