Judge Drops The Gavel On Another Governor’s Abusive Lockdown Measures

Even though the threat of COVID-19 is rapidly waning, Democrat governors continue to hurt their residents with extended lockdowns. Few, if any, bothered to consult their legislative bodies, proving their orders are an abuse of power. Now, yet another court has ruled against a liberal governor’s lockdown, as the trend grows.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that many lawsuits would be the result of these irrational lockdowns. And, what to ya know, it was true. Lawsuits have arisen in nearly every state—with the DOJ signaling their support for citizens over the government. Trust me when I say this trend might continue all the way to the Supreme Court, in order for limits to be placed on governors’ power.

The latest case has arisen in Oregon. Although the state hardly suffered from the virus, the governor—whose tyrannical order started in March—has continued it until now. But a judge just declared it null and void.

On Monday, an Oregon judge jettisoned coronavirus restrictions imposed by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, reasoning Brown had not asked the Oregon legislature whether they approved of Brown’s orders extending for more than 28 days…

The lawsuit argued that if Brown wanted to extend her emergency powers, she had to obtain approval from three-fifths of both houses of the legislature before the 30-day period had expired. Because she hadn’t done so, they argued, her original executive order on March 8 declaring a public health emergency expired on April 7. [Source: Daily Wire]

Voters really need to pay attention. Democrat governors have wildly overstepped their authority in extending these lockdowns. They don’t even care that they are violating their states’ constitutions and the Constitution of the United States. But notice what the governor said to defend her decision to cripple Oregon:

“The science behind these executive orders hasn’t changed one bit. Ongoing physical distancing, staying home as much as possible, and wearing face coverings will save lives across Oregon.”

Mmmm—bull crap. There is no “science” to defend the denial of Americans’ rights. There is no science to justify a governor defying the will of the people and the legislature. But notice how she changed the story. The lockdowns were supposed to prevent hospital overload. That never happened. Now Democrats are saying the lockdowns are needed to “save lives.”

Really? That was never the goal. Even governor of New York Andrew Cuomo said we can’t save everyone’s life. It’s a disease, lady. Unless you have magical powers to stop the spread, then you won’t be able to save everyone’s life.

But by claiming the lockdowns are meant to “save lives” you have a reason to continue them. Hell, she can continue it forever, saying she needs the lockdown to stop traffic accident deaths, cancer deaths, or even deaths related to overeating. Why not? She’s using a flimsy excuse to control the economy and interfere with the 2020 Election. Why shouldn’t she extend this lockdown forever, just for poops an giggles?

This is the case for every governor that has extended lockdowns. They’re not really concerned for your health. These are power-hungry con artists that like deciding your destiny. They want their states crippled, so they can expand government spending and power. And if their economies are weakened, they can blame President Trump.

But this, like all Democrat plans, is insanity. We all know who is punishing American citizens. And it’s not Trump. If these Democrats think they will have jobs after November, they are dreaming. We already saw two seats flipped red last week. I predict many more will be falling into GOP this fall.

The truth is, though, we can’t wait that long for change. Americans are suffering now. Barber shops can’t open. Restaurants are going under. Children suffer for lack of education. And so on. We need to take these issues straight to the courts, so that the power of these dictatorial governors is choked off.

We can’t trust them to do the right thing on their own.

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