Trump Announced Drastic Change To Border Wall Agenda

The threat of the Wuhan virus has made protecting our southern border a top priority. As the media looks elsewhere, the Trump administration has been ramping up activities to secure our country. He has just awarded the largest contract yet to a company to build the border wall. And it’s worth billions.

Funny how Democrats seemed to stop caring about the caravan crisis, once the China virus hit. All those “poor” souls stuck in detention centers no longer seem to be the left’s top priority. That’s certainly true at the state level, where Democrat governors panicked when they had to actually lead and protect their residents.

But, if you haven’t heard, steps have been taken by the president to prevent sick people from the South from spreading the disease in the United States. Detention centers—which were already rapidly being emptied—have been completely cleared. Cases that would have taken weeks or months were wrapped up, to prevent possible spread. President Trump halted travel between Mexico and America (exempting cargo, of course).

On top of that, the administration has continued to get the promised border wall up. And this week, a new contract was awarded that will continue Trump’s agenda.

A North Dakota construction company has been awarded a massive $1.3 billion contract to build a portion of President Trump’s signature wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota confirmed that the contract to build the 42-mile section of wall in Arizona was awarded to Fisher Sand and Gravel Co…

The Army Corps of Engineers, which awards contracts, said Fisher was one of several companies chosen in May 2019 to partake in building $5 billion worth of border wall. This month’s contract to Fisher was part of that award. [Source: Fox News]

You’d think that during this crisis, Democrats would be particularly eager to oppose Trump’s immigration reforms. But, as we’ve seen, Democrats don’t know what the hell they are doing. State Democrats have been imposing tyrannical orders, leading to protests and civil disobedience. Democrats in Congress have been wasting our time with bogus spending packages that will never pass.

Meanwhile, Trump isn’t letting a pandemic from getting in the way of his goals. The Wuhan virus outbreak has proven him right again and again.

He warned America for years that we had to reduce our dependency on China. China was not our friend, he would say. We had to bring back as much manufacturing to the U.S. as possible. Trump took a tough stance on trade deals, putting Americans first. As usual, liberals in the media scoffed at his approach—mainly because they were in China’s pocket.

Only now are many realizing how dangerous it is to rely on China.

From the very start of his candidacy for president, Trump hammered our weak, southern border. He wanted a wall to prevent illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. He wanted immigration reform so that our country no longer rewarded illegal aliens. Democrats have railed for years that Trump was just being “racist.”

Today, they don’t seem to think that way. An unsecured border is like an open door for the spread of COVID-19. We are significantly safer, thanks to Trump’s dogged determination to secure the border despite overwhelming opposition.

Efforts to build the wall have been undeterred during the crisis. In fact, they have most-likely ramped up. An addition $5 billion is being spent to build the wall across Arizona and parts beyond. But in order for the entire wall to be finished, Trump needs support from Congress.

We know he won’t get it with this current Congress. But, you know, November is around the corner.

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