Biden “Apologizes” for Shocking Remarks — Show Host Responds

Last week, the country was shocked to watch Joe Biden made the worst gaffe of his career. He insulted the entire African American community by saying they “ain’t black” if they can’t decide to support him or Trump. Quickly afterward, he offered a non-apology, trying to paper over the mistake. But the man who interviewed him initially isn’t buying it.

You probably heard about it by now. During an interview on the show “The Breakfast Club,” Joe Biden made one of his worst gaffes ever. While wrapping up the interview with Charlamagne tha God, Biden lashed out. He said, “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Joe is admitting what all Democrats think: that black Americans have an obligation to support their corrupt party—or lose respect within their own community. Joe tried to apologize, saying he was being a “wise guy” and “cavalier.” No, Joe, you were neither. You were being racist.

Once again, Democrats are falling over themselves to cover up Joe’s massive blunder. Seems like that’s all they do, these days. Charlamagne was asked about what he thought of Joe’s “apology.” He was not impressed.

That so-called apology was not sufficient for Charlamagne tha God, apparently, as he appeared on MSNBC on Sunday and called it “lip service,” as The Daily Mail reported. He stated, “I don’t even care about the words and the lip service. The apology is cool but the best apology is actually a black agenda. You know, they got to make some real policy commitments to black people.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Seems like the radio host wasn’t really accepting Joe’s apology. He called it lip service, then went on to describe what he wants from the Democrats, in terms of help for the black community.

He outlined a long list of policy measures he thinks would turn around the fortunes of millions of African Americans. I have news for him: the Democrats won’t lift a finger to make sure black Americans prosper.

Charlamagne said black people are “overrepresented” in welfare, poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and crime. Sad, but true. But what does he think Democrats are going to do to turn that around? Democrats have been promising to help black Americans for decades. Cities with high black populations have been run by Democrats for generations. Yet poverty, crime, and addiction only continue to explode.

Hmm… I wonder if it has something to do with how Democrats promise black voters many things, but never deliver?

If Charlamagne tha God wants to see something done for black Americans, he should look no further than Donald Trump. The president has been prioritizing black communities, creating Opportunity Zones that are bringing in investments from major companies. He has been championing education reforms so black families have school choice. And he’s been battling the opioid epidemic, to ensure black Americans can be free from addiction.

What does Joe Biden promise black Americans? Just more of the same, tired rhetoric. His only hope lies in more handouts that make people dependent on government, not financially prosperous. Biden will continue the left’s policy of enfeebling black Americans, not empowering them to succeed on their own.

You can guarantee that, based on his own words. Biden thinks black Americans are obligated to vote for him, “or they ain’t black.” He doesn’t appear to respect them as people, just as a group to fish votes from. His frequently questionable remarks reveal a man who thinks very little of anyone that isn’t a part of his liberal, elite clique.

Something tells me he will continue to prove that, in the coming weeks and months.

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