Former Security Adviser Blasts Democrats For “Pre-emptive Strike’ On Trump

‘It was a takedown. It was a pre-emptive strike’

Former deputy national security adviser KT McFarland joined BlazeTV host Andrew Wilkow on “Wilkow” to share her firsthand account of how her former boss, former national security adviser and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, became the target of a concerted effort by Deep State bureaucrats within the Obama administration and the media to derail President Donald Trump.

“Here’s how it happened. The intelligence community worked very closely with the media, their preferred Washington elite media, and … it was a concerted effort. There were leaks coming from the media, from ‘anonymous sources,’ and they would happen every three days,” McFarland explained.

“This was a pattern that repeated itself for several months. It was a takedown. It was a pre-emptive strike against General Flynn. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t about General Flynn, or even me, because I had the same treatment from the FBI, the Mueller investigation. We were collateral damage. This was always about getting Donald Trump.”

Watch the video below to hear McFarland reveal the real history behind the Russia collusion hoax:

Author: BlazeTV Staff

Source: The Blaze: KT McFarland: The Russia hoax was ‘ALWAYS about getting Donald Trump’

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