Senator Publicly Praises Trump For Iron Fist Against Rioters

Sen. Tim Scott commended President Trump’s speech to address the protests and riots that have occurred since George Floyd’s death.

“I would say that the president’s comments in the Rose Garden were important. They were significant. They were heartfelt. I think they lead us in the right direction,” the South Carolina Republican said during a Fox News interview Monday. “We need to hear more like that from the president because, frankly, the country rallies around our chief executive when he speaks about bringing the American family together.”

“So, I thought what he said in the Rose Garden was important, it was powerful, and it was necessary,” he added.

Scott had condemned Trump’s tweets from over the weekend when he said that looting in cities would lead to “shooting,” calling the remarks “not constructive.” He noted that he had urged the president to focus on Floyd and his family.

“I certainly give the president all the credit in the world on the comments he made that were constructive, that were leaning in with compassion for those folks who feel like the justice system has not been working for them. I appreciated his comments today,” Scott said.

“He and I did talk on Saturday. I recommended that he spend more time focusing on Mr. Floyd and the death and the necessity of justice for that situation,” he added. “So, having the president speak from the heart and speak about the importance of righteous indignation is really important for this nation.”

Floyd died after being arrested by Minneapolis police officers. During the arrest, one officer held Floyd down by pressing his knee into his neck. Four officers have since been fired, and one has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Author: Madison Dibble

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘We need to hear more like that’: Tim Scott praises Trump address on nationwide protests

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