Homeland Security Closing In On ‘Mystery’ Money Backing Antifa

Demonstrations over the death of George Floyd devolved into violent riots. People burned businesses and looted stores, while others attacked cops and innocent civilians. We quickly learned that much of this chaos was organized by groups that want the country in chaos. Now, the DHS has announced they have opened cases up against those behind the madness.

When President Trump declared Antifa a terrorist organization, it changed the game. For years, this loosely organized group has staged violent protests around the world. Their goal was to spread anarchy and chaos in the name of fighting “fascism.” Our liberal media all but praised this group, because it was opposed to Trump. But it’s clear Antifa only has one goal: to see our country (and others) burn.

As the riots over George Floyd broke out, it was clear this was more than just an organic phenomenon. Mixed in with local looters were the familiar sights of black-garbed Antifa thugs. Reports came in of cars moving through cities, dropping off rioters with bricks and other weapons. Clearly, this was an organized assault, perhaps long in the making.

President Trump calling out Antifa as a terrorist group gives law enforcement greater power to take them down. American businesses cannot lawfully work with or aid terrorists. The federal government has ample resources to monitor and apprehend suspected terrorists, before they cause harm.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced they are hunting down the leaders of this radical group.

Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf told Fox News on Wednesday night that federal law enforcement officials have opened cases up against leaders of Antifa and other organizations who are believed to be behind violent riots that are plaguing the nation’s inner cities…

“[W]hen it gets to the night, we see the more violent protests starting to happen, criminals starting to take place, organized, loosely organized during the day to achieve a specific goal.”

“I think what we’re seeing right now, it’s loosely organized within a metropolitan city… We have a number of investigators at the department that are working with DOJ and working with FBI. We know that they have opened up a number of cases specifically targeting some of the leaders of Antifa and other organizations that are involved.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s no secret that terrorist organizations are mostly loosely-affiliated groups with one central goal. Al Qaeda and ISIS didn’t have official headquarters with a mission statement posted on the wall. They were groups of killers with a common creed and goal. The same can be said of the international groups who call themselves “Antifa.” They communicate and organize, thanks to encrypted messaging apps. And they can move easily through cities, because they recruit young, brainwashed thugs to do their dirty work.

As a terrorist group, the Feds can pump up the resources to track their leaders and take them down. Wolf gives us plenty of insight into what the DOJ and DHS are doing, but he obviously could only say so much. Ongoing investigations require serious confidentially. But if he was willing to admit they were going after Antifa heads, odds are they already moving quickly.

Antifa is not up to the task of defying federal law enforcement. Their advantage has always been they were considered local groups, the responsibility of state and city police. That’s why they thrive in places like Portland, where limp-wristed Democrats do nothing to stop them.

Now they have to contend with the might of Trump’s DOJ and DHS. And trust me, these punks won’t know what hit them.

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