Media Blasted After Caught Deleting Article Against Riots

‘In the face of the woke mob … they tucked tail and they ran’

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas excoriated the New York Times after the paper caved to online pressure to pull down his op-ed arguing for greater force against the rioting and looting nationwide.

On Thursday, a spokesperson released a statement saying that the op-ed had been rushed to publication and didn’t meet the standards of the paper.

Cotton mocked the statement while talking to Martha MacCallum on Fox News Thursday.

“I can tell you my op-ed doesn’t meet The New York Times standards,” he quipped. “It far exceeds their standards, which are normally full of left-wing sophomoric drivel!”

Cotton pointed out that the Times had published opinion pieces by the leader of the Taliban and by the dictator president of Turkey.

“And I find it amazing that in the last 24 hours, the editor of The New York Times and the publisher of The New York Times have both defended their decision to publish this op-ed, but in the face of the ‘woke’ mob, of ‘woke’ kids that are in their newsroom, demands he continued.

Earlier on Thursday he had commended the New York Times for temporarily withstanding the demands of the online mob, but the Times later changed course.

“I will say to the world, you’re welcome for getting The New York Times to run less of the garbage that you normally see in their pages,” he concluded. “A child mob truly is in charge at The New York Times tonight.”

Here’s the video of Cotton’s comments:

Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: The Blaze: ‘Left-wing sophomoric drivel!’ — Tom Cotton ridicules ‘child mob’ at New York Times after they pull his op-ed

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