Team Trump Gives Surprising Update On Campaign Rallies

Over the last few months, the 2020 election was put on hold thanks to the virus pandemic. Major campaign events that should have been going on were canceled or postponed, as President Trump was busying keeping the country alive. Now, as states reopen and the virus is nearly forgotten, Team Trump makes an exciting announcement.

They say you don’t love what you got until its gone. I think more than a few Americans have experienced this on a daily basis, thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns. You couldn’t go to church, visit friends, get a haircut, hell—even eat a restaurant. I’m sure you were pretty happy when you could enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting in a movie theater again.

One of the things lost to this pandemic was Trump’s iconic rallies. Democrats cowered in fear every time they saw the countless Americans gather at venues across the country—just to get a glimpse at the president. Venues from coast to coast were packed out. We learned that it wasn’t just Republicans attending these events. Independents and even Democrats came out in droves to support Trump.

But all that had to be put on hold, because of fears of the virus.

Now, Trump announced they will soon be at it again.

President Trump will resume hosting campaign rallies sometime in the next two weeks, returning one of the president’s most potent weapons to his arsenal as the 2020 campaign season enters a pivotal stretch, Fox News is told…

“Americans are ready to get back to action and so is President Trump,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale told Fox News. “The Great American Comeback is real and the rallies will be tremendous. You’ll again see the kind of crowds and enthusiasm that Sleepy Joe Biden can only dream of.”

The change-up also follows statements by many Democrats in charge of big cities — including several who once insisted on strict quarantine measures — championing the nationwide mass demonstrations over the in-custody death of George Floyd, sans social distancing. Epidemiologists, too, have abruptly changed their tune, even though they once said lockdown measures were so important that they justified widespread unemployment and business closures. [Source: Fox News]

Public health “experts” condemned Americans for protesting to reopen their businesses. But they rolled out the red carpet for violent rioters and looters. Hypocrite, much? If thousands of protesters can flood the streets of L.A. to demand an end to police brutality, then thousands of Americans can gather at a Trump rally.

Worried about the spread of COVID-19? Don’t be. Even the World Health Organization admitted that it’s “very rare” for people who have no symptoms to spread the disease. Which means lockdowns (and face masks) were pointless. If you’re sick, you can stay home to recover. The rest of us can go about our lives.

And attend a historic Trump rally.

Be sure Democrats will viciously oppose these rallies. They will say Trump and his campaign will endanger American lives. Yet they have no legs to stand on, as they all—to a man—defend mass protests that led to violent riots and looting.

If people who burned down businesses can do so without contracting COVID-19, then surely peaceful patriots can gather in a stadium and show their support to the president.

We might see Democrat-run cities deny rallies. They will either outright ban them (as the governor of North Carolina tried to do to the Republican National Convention) or they will hit Team Trump with heavy security fees (which they’ve historically done to disrupt rallies). You will hear pundits on CNN and from the New York Times condemn Trump’s move (if you bother to watch them).

But they are really covering for their fear of what these rallies bring. They excite Trump’s voter base in a way that combined might of the left can’t. Joe Biden doesn’t have the energy to make a ten-minute speech, let alone host a powerful rally night after night.

Eager for rallies to resume? Might as well find out where the closest in your area will be.

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