Biden Surrogate Blasts Joe In Private Democrat Meeting – Audio Goes Viral

The COVID-19 panic put the early part of the 2020 election on hold. Instead of holding events and rallies over the last few months, candidates had to scale back considerably. Joe Biden himself, unable to show a shred of leadership, hid in his basement. Only to appear for online interviews. Now, one of his top surrogates is admitting, he hopes he never leaves.

The lockdowns were definitely not what candidates wanted during this crucial time. Some might say they ruined Bernie Sanders’ chances. But he did that to himself. Instead of hosting events and rallies, Joe Biden was forced to hunker down in his home. That’s not great, when you’re trying to win over voters against Donald Trump.

The president was seen working around the clock to battle the virus and then reopen the country. He made the tough calls and showed true leadership in an uncertain time. Biden couldn’t handle a few online streams or interviews. Each time he popped up from his basement, he made a gaffe that further derailed his campaign.

Now, one of his own surrogates is saying he doesn’t want Biden to leave the basement at all.

Top Joe Biden surrogate Terry McAuliffe told a videoconference meeting of Virginia Democrats over the weekend that the former vice president should remain in his basement… and that Democratic officials are broadly “preferring” that Biden stay out of the limelight…

“It’s hard for the vice president to break through,” McAuliffe told the group. “You’ve got the COVID crisis. He’s not a governor, doesn’t have the National Guard. He’s not the president, doesn’t have the briefing room.” [Source: Fox News]

I agree. Keep Biden in the basement… permanently. He doesn’t belong anywhere else in the country, especially not the White House.

It’s pretty pathetic that Biden’s own team thinks his best strategy is to hide away from the limelight. Just think about that. The country has been through significant hardship over the last few months. A pandemic and riots. And the Democrats’ best chance to retake the White House won’t do anything to help.

His people think he should just hide away, so he won’t make any more mistakes. They don’t think he is capable of providing leadership and guidance during this time.

Think about that. Is that the kind of man you want leading the country? A man so out of his depth (and mind) during a crisis that his own handlers want him to hide from the public?

This man wants to be president, yet he can’t handle a short interview without offending the entire black population of America. Even before the lockdowns, his campaign kept his appearances to less than seven minutes, to avoid embarrassment (still didn’t work).

Don’t be fooled, they will desperately try to avoid any interactions or appearances all the way to Election Day. They will expect Americans to vote for a man who is too weak and feeble to talk for more than a few minutes.

We all know the truth: Donald Trump will destroy Biden in a debate. Do you really think Democrats would let Biden endure that much punishment for two or three debates? They will make as many excuses as possible, to keep Biden away from Trump. They will blame COVID, Trump, or even the weather, just to avoid something so integral to our elections.

Don’t believe the polls (created by the bias media). Biden can’t win—he can’t come even close—by hiding in his basement. Americans have been through hell this year. They need to see our leaders standing tall and forging ahead for a better future. So far, we’ve seen Democrats harass law-abiding Americans, let rioters run loose in their cities, and promise to abolish cops.

Oh, and we’ve seen Biden hide in his basement.

And they think this is a winning strategy? They must be as crazy as Joe.

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