Democrats Launch Desperate Plot To End Trump Campaign

Worries about the spread of COVID all but vanished, as protests and riots swept over our country. Even notable Democrats joined in the movement, ignoring social distancing to attend events with thousands of people. But just as Donald Trump prepares his first major rally in months, the left suddenly changes it tune.

Americans gawked at the double standard shown by the liberal establishment. For months, they tried to scare us into our homes with “doom-and-gloom” reports about the virus. CNN still shows tickers on the number of cases and deaths in America. They recently even tried to hype up a recent “spike” in “cases” in various states—ignoring the fact that positive tests are not the same as hospitalizations and deaths (which continue to drop).

Yet when activists and anarchists destroyed Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and numerous other cities, the left cheered them on. When thousands crammed into the streets of LA to protest police brutality, Democrats didn’t utter a word. In fact, “health officials”—continuing to tell us to stay home—said it was okay for thousands to protest, social distancing be damned.

Now that Trump announced new rallies, suddenly COVID is a problem again! Democrats who just encouraged demonstrations (that furthered their agenda) are now upset that Trump will “spread” the virus.

Typical hypocrites.

Top Democrats who cheered on “Black Lives Matter” crowds across the U.S. are now criticizing President Trump for planning to restart his campaign rallies, saying the events — which are scheduled to kick off June 19 in Tulsa, Okla. — could help spread the coronavirus.

The apparent hypocrisy comes just weeks after big-city Democrats who once insisted on strict coronavirus lockdown measures had relented in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, and encouraged anti-police demonstrations. [Source: Fox News]

Sure Trump rallies are dangerous, but stuff like this if fine:

Do I really have to point out the obvious? Democrats never cared about the spread of COVID. They forced lockdowns in many states, hoping they would cripple the economy (all so they could blame it on Trump). The second it was convenient for them to ignore their own measures—for their political agenda—they were quick to do so.

Remember, Democrats condemned peaceful protests in April and May, when conservatives demanded to go back to work. Liberals said they were l”iterally killing people,” despite the fact that these protestors wore masks and socially distanced.

Yet when violent looters destroyed their cities, Democrats urged them on. Not one of them said it was dangerous. But as Team Trump prepares to safely return to holding their historic rallies, Democrats are in a tizzy.

We know why. Trump rallies can’t be topped. Thousands of Americans (both Republican and Democrat) flock venues nationwide to see the president. Joe Biden can’t even come close to the enthusiasm we see in these rallies.

Democrats know these rallies—more than anything else—point to a Trump victory in November. They were happy to hide that fact as they spread bogus polls about Joe’s “advantage.” But once Trump rallies are back in full swing, they won’t be able to lie so openly about the election.

Rallies are also a key way Trump’s campaign registers voters and recruits new volunteers. They are vital in getting more Americans ready for November. Of course, Democrats don’t want that. But because they are cowards, they claim it’s out of concern for COVID.

Give me a break. Democrats don’t care about Americans’ health. If they did, they wouldn’t have forced sick people into nursing homes, arrested barbers, and released dangerous criminals into the streets.

Democrats don’t know how to lead. They are nothing but liars and hypocrites. And they will watch as Trump ignites millions of supporters once again.

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