Grenell Has Intel On Mattis’ Attack Against President Trump

Recently, Trump’s former Secretary of Defense James Mattis openly attacked the president. It was part of a pattern of D.C. establishment types slandering Trump as they backed weak-willed Joe Biden. Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell went to bat for Trump, exposing what’s really going on.

Richard Grenell served as Trump’s ambassador to Germany. When Trump needed him to fill in as Director of National Intelligence, Grenell quickly went to work to declassify vital documents. Much of what we recently learned about the Obama administration’s attempts to take down Trump in 2016 was thanks to Grenell’s efforts.

Thanks to him, we might see justice done to men like James Comey, Peter Sztrok, and other deep state hacks.

After James Mattis had the gall to criticize his former boss, Grenell publicly called out the D.C. swamp—and revealed what the real battle we’re facing is.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday that his time in the Trump administration has shown him that the great political struggle is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, but between the District of Columbia and the rest of the U.S…

“The fact of the matter is,” Grenell said, “we have a real problem in Washington, D.C., because it’s a system that it no longer is Republicans and Democrats pushing against each other to create good policy. It’s a fight between Washington and the rest of America.”

…Grenell, who also spent two year’s as U.S. ambassador to Germany, characterized Trump as a great disruptor of this insular system.

“He’s breaking their system,” he said. “He doesn’t play by the rules. [Source: Fox News]

Grenell revealed that Trump isn’t battling just corrupt Democrats, but the entire D.C. system. That’s why we’re seeing “Republicans” trash the president and defend a man as weak and pathetic as Joe Biden. It’s not because they really think Biden will be a better president. It’s because Biden is one of them: an insider swamp dweller who will serve special interest groups and lobbyists.

Grenell also called out Mattis’ bogus attack on Trump:

A big part of the D.C. swamp is what President Eisenhower once called the “military industrial complex.” War is big business and big cash for many groups. These groups have their claws in D.C., goading our leaders into senseless wars overseas. Death and destruction mean nothing to them, because they can profit off of it.

Donald Trump promised to de-escalate conflict and bring our troops home. Which is what he’s been doing. James Mattis—who we now know is just a pawn of the swamp—was against it. In fact, he, and many other D.C. insiders wanted more war, including a war with Iran.

That would have made Mattis’ globalist overlords very happy, even as American men and women died.

This is the real battle we are up against: crooked politicians who have an America last policy. They only care about pleasing lobbyists with big checkbooks. That’s why career politicians—who’ve done nothing good in D.C. for years—hate Trump so much. People like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and even folks like Mitt Romney and other Republicans. They don’t serve us, they serve their bank accounts.

Grenell is blowing the lid off their schemes. Don’t be surprised when Bush, Powell, or other “conservatives” bash Trump in favor of Biden. They are just exposing how much they love the corrupt swamp in D.C. over Americans’ prosperity. They’d rather see us dragged back into the Obama Dark Ages, when massive taxes, endless wars, and jobs fleeing overseas was the norm.

Add to that no police, open borders, and rampant crime—D.C. insiders really want to see America burn, huh?

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