Democrats Terrified As President Trump Shatters Another Record

The COVID lockdowns prevent President Trump from hosting his legendary rallies. Fears of spreading the virus put a hold on rallies, town halls, and other appearances. But this month marks his first big event since March, a rally in Tulsa, OK. After announcing the event in early June, this is how many people requested tickets.

The turmoil and confusion of the last few months have given the left-wing media ample material. They have hyped up a virus, celebrated drastic (and un-Constitutional) lockdowns, encouraged rioting, and slandered police departments.

All this has been strategic. The mainstream media is pouncing on anything they can use to make America look chaotic and weak, to blame it on Trump. Following up their nonstop stream of negative and fake news, they have released bogus polls that suggest a crazy old man hiding in his basement is going to beat the president in November.

It’s pretty rich to think the media expects us to believe polls, even though campaigning has been put on hold for three months. How could pollsters be taken seriously, when Americans have been caught up with worries about the virus and rioting in major cities?

They want you to think that Americans are ditching Trump in droves, to back a man who can’t finish a sentence. But reality always wins out over propaganda. Trump recently announced his first rally in months. Very quickly, his campaign manager announced this staggering piece of info.

President Trump’s rescheduled campaign rally next weekend has received the largest number of ticket requests for any of his events, his campaign team claimed on Sunday.

“Just passed 800,000 tickets,” Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, tweeted. “Biggest data haul and rally signup of all time by 10x. Saturday is going to be amazing!” [Source: Fox News]

Just days after Trump announced his Tulsa rally, his campaign manager revealed that over 800,000 people requested tickets. Parscale said that is the biggest haul “of all time.”

Obviously, there isn’t a venue in the country that can fit that many Americans. But everyone who signs up to request tickets provides valuable voter data to the Trump campaign. They will be able to keep them inform about the campaign—ensuring they stay enthusiastic and ready to vote in November.

If you had any worries about the polls, this should quell your fears. Even lingering concerns about COVID cannot stop a record number of Americans from requesting tickets to get to Trump’s first big rally in months. The excitement to re-elect Donald Trump is through the roof.

Have we seen anything remotely close to this for Joe Biden’s campaign? Pollsters can say whatever they want, but they can’t get nearly a million Americans excited to attend a Biden event.

During the lockdowns, the Trump campaign boasted 300 million unique views during their virtual events. Joe Biden’s team, on the other hand, couldn’t even handle a simple steam (something children can do from their iPhones).

Just think about it: this is the response from just one rally in Oklahoma. Imagine how the response will be once Team Trump starts firing up events all over America. The enthusiasm among Americans from coast to coast will be overwhelming. No left-wing news poll will be able to deflect from that.

As we get closer to November, Joe Biden will be forced to come out of his hidey-hole and actually perform. He will have to host rallies and events, if he expects to generate any interest in his campaign. How do you think he will do, then? The man struggles to do a simple ad for YouTube. How is he going to give an hour-long speech to a crowd of thousands (again and again for weeks)?

How is he going to handle a debate with Donald Trump? Something tells me it will not go well for him.

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