After Praising Rioters, Far-Left Mayor Again Targets Jewish Community

The hypocrisy of Democrats continues. Liberals all but encouraged thousands of angry protesters to flood city streets. They turned a blind eye as rioters destroyed and looted businesses. In New York, they encouraged people to flood streets and public squares—COVID-19 be damned. But when Jewish residents wanted to visit their local park… they did this to them.

The virus panic has exposed the true colors of Democrats. These aren’t freedom-loving patriots, but dictators in disguise. The moment a real problem arose, they were all too quick to erase our liberties. After all, it’s easier for them to abuse us than to actually lead.

When it became politically advantageous, they ignored these same strict rules to let chaos rage. Democrats did not seem to care about the spread of the virus when BLM and other Democrat-paid operatives destroyed our cities.

But now, for a third time, New York Democrats have targeted Jewish residents over “COVID fears.”

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation confirmed to the Daily Caller that one of the entrances to Middleton Playground, which is located in a heavily Jewish community, was welded shut Monday morning…

The park‘s gates were welded just one day after thousands of protesters and demonstrators were allowed to gather Sunday in Brooklyn for a rally supporting black transgender people…

A video posted Monday appeared to show the gate of a park — later confirmed to be within the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn — closed as multiple people did work on it. [Source: Daily Caller]

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been very selective about how he enforces his COVID measures. He threatened Jewish residents over gathering in “large groups” back in April. He even stormed a Jewish funeral himself to shut it down, despite efforts by attendees to prevent the spread of disease.

He hasn’t shown this kind of hostility to black demonstrators and the many who destroyed parts of New York during the riots. His government didn’t warn protestors to not gather in large groups when they crowded together, rejecting social distancing requirements.

Now we see the city had to weld a park entrance shut? Oh, and it just so happens to be where a large Jewish population resides in Brooklyn? You don’t see them welding shut parks in neighborhoods with black or Latino residents, do you?

Remember, New York was hit the hardest by COVID-19. The state and city demanded all residents be forced into their homes longer than anywhere else. They are only now gradually reopening, with heavy restrictions still in place.

Yet the city’s Democrat leaders did not care in the slightest as thousands protested over black transgender people. Thousands were crammed together in the streets with zero precautions over COVID. The city did nothing.

So, why are they welding a park gate shut—to keep out no more than a dozen people?

Looks like a double standard, doesn’t it?

It’s pretty unusual that Democrats’ tyrannical lockdown measures would manifest as anti-Semitism, right? That might not have been their intention, but that’s definitely what’s happening. Mayor de Blasio three times now has shown utter contempt for Jewish people in his city. He’s gone out of his way to punish them for trying to go about their daily lives.

This is much in keeping with Democrats who stormed churches, fined Christians, and arrested pastors. Liberals have zero respect for people of faith and our religious freedoms. They consider us non-essential and would ban us during normal times if they got the chance.

But New York’s Democrats seem to be targeting Jews, not just over religious services, but to shut down anything they want to do. It exposes an intention to punish this group of people—using the virus as an excuse.

That is a much more disturbing trend than anything we’ve seen to date.

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