Congressional Black Caucus Leader Issues Bold Statement On Defunding Police

After weeks of protests across the country, some on the left began to push a movement to defund police departments. More extreme leftists are even calling for the abolishing of cops in major cities. It appears the movement is gaining in popularity among Democrats, even as regular Americans reject it. Now, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus is weighing in.

It’s hard to believe that anyone in this country—aside from killers and gang bangers—would want to defund police departments. Do Democrats really believe this kind of ploy will win them back black voters? With millions of black Americans walking away from the Democratic Party to support Trump, these leftists might be getting desperate. But defund the police?

The idea is so stupid, it could have only come from Democrats.

But prominent black leaders in Congress have been discussing this movement. Even as it gains momentum among some segments of the party, the Congressional Black Caucus is weighing in. And their Chairwoman Karen Bass had a few things to say about it.

During an interview with The Washington Post on Monday, the Los Angeles-based congresswoman gave a brutally honest assessment of the growing movement on the Left to defund the police, which she has already stated flatly that she rejects…

Rep. Bass replied, “I told some friends that’s probably one of the worst slogans ever.”

…Part of the problem, Bass suggested, is that police are now asked to do some things that social workers are better equipped to handle. [Source: Daily Wire]

Bass echoes the sentiments of several Democrat leaders in the House. The radical left-wing of the party has been dragging House Democrats into oblivion for years. But this might be a bridge too far, for liberals like Pelosi and Bass. Nancy Pelosi have refused to endorse the defund the police movement, but she is also too cowardly to openly condemn it.

While Rep. Bass believes defunding the police is a terrible idea, she does think we should shift some of their responsibilities to other groups, like social workers. Sorry, but when I’m in a life or death situation, I don’t want someone with a clipboard coming to my aid. I want a cop with a gun.

What the hell is it with people thinking social workers can save the day? These are government flunkies who take children away from families. They are not trained to protect our communities from violent criminals. If there’s anyone I trust in my city to do a good job, it’s cops and fire fighters—not paper pushers from City Hall.

But it seems Bass is not willing to lump all instances of police violence into the same category. She admitted that the recent killing of Rayshard Brooks clearly differs from George Floyd, because Brooks was “engaged in a fight.”

“I mean the big difference is that [Brooks] clearly engaged in a fight and then he ran and he turned around and — at least it looks as though he turned around with his taser,” said the congresswoman. [Source: Daily Wire]

The mixed messaging from the left is troubling. While Republicans appear united in reforming policing while still supporting them, we’re hearing all sorts of things from Democrats. Some went to defund cops. Others want them outright abolished. Others, like Bass, want their duties shifted to social workers. And then others, like Nancy Pelosi, don’t have any clear plan (despite creating legislation).

Americans who support the left should be demanding answers. It’s obvious this splintered and fractured party has no clue how to fix this problem (largely because they created it in the first place). They can’t unite under a single message these days and this crisis has made that crystal clear.

Perhaps Democrats need to bow this one out and let the grownups do their job from now on?

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