Senate Democrats Silent Over Racial Insult To Black Republican

House Democrats crafted a bogus police reform bill that will surely go nowhere. Meanwhile, black Republican Senator Tim Scott has been tirelessly crafting a bipartisan bill aimed at improving police departments and ending brutality. However, the second-most ranking Democrat in the Senate slammed the bill, calling it “token.” So, how did other Democrats respond?

You’d think in the aftermath of all these riots and protests, Democrats on Capitol Hill would be clamoring for action. After all, this is a great time to prove to black Americans you actually care about them. The whole country is concerned with police brutality and improving race relations. So, what are Democrats doing?

Um… not much. After Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats offended Africans by wearing Kente cloth, they proposed a radical bill with little chance of passing. Local Democrats nationwide have even worse ideas, such as defunding police departments or abolishing them altogether. As usual, the Democrats’ plans don’t address the actual problem—but would make it much worse.

Sen. Tim Scott, a black lawmaker and Republican, has been spearheading an effort at police reform within the Senate. He’s spoken about getting both Republicans and Democrats on board, signaling he’s willing to craft a bill all can approve of. But even as he works on his measure, the second-most ranking Democrat dismissed his efforts, calling it “a token.”

If you didn’t already know, the term token has racist connotations. Durbin was implying Scott was the “token” black man for the right and is suggesting his bill is meaningless. But did the rest of the Democrats come to this black leaders’ aid and condemn the comment? Not quite.

Every Democrat in the Senate has refused to acknowledge Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin’s comments calling Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform legislation “a token.”

…The Daily Caller contacted every Senate Democrat’s office asking them if they would condemn his comments, giving them more than several hours to respond, however not one responded…

Scott slammed Durbin for referring to his police reform legislation as “a token,” hours after it was introduced Wednesday, asking him if his Democratic colleagues are “still wearing those kente cloths over there.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Not a single Democrat responded to requests for comments on Durbin’s insulting attack on Scott. If this had been a white Republican insulting a black Democrat, it would have become headline news. The talkers on CNN would be raking the senator over the coals. There would be calls for his resignation. They wouldn’t be satisfied until the man repented on his hands and knees.

But when a white Democrat insults a black Republican… nothing. Most media outlets didn’t even cover this story. Apparently, it’s okay for liberals to slander black conservatives, even when they’re crafting legislation that could save lives.

These Democrat senators did not respond because they didn’t think they were obligated to. Liberals think the rules don’t apply to them. Americans and non-liberals have to cower and kneel for the approval of black Americans. But if you’re a Democrat? It’s like have a special badge that makes you immune to criticism or scrutiny.

Especially if you are attacking a black conservative.

This double standard is nothing new. Democrats think because they have the support of the mainstream media, they can get away with anything. I’m surprised that Durbin stopped at “token.” He probably would have said much worse, if he had the time.

According to his office, Durbin claims he sought out Scott later to apologize. But he didn’t publicly apologize. Nor did he or any other Democrat suggest they will support Scott’s attempt at police reform.

Because, in the end, all that matters to Democrats is appearances.

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