Team Trump Has Genius Plan To Force Biden To Debate

Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement since the pandemic, doing few public appearances. As we prepare to enter the general election, rumors swirl that he might even refuse to appear in debates with Donald Trump. But the president is not about to let the Democrat off the hook. In fact, his campaign has tapped Rudy Giuliani to demand more debates than usual.

Let’s be honest, okay? Do we really think Joe Biden has a chance against Donald Trump in a debate? Did you see that “speech” Biden gave this week? I’ve seen livelier speeches at a funeral. The man has little energy. He constantly slurs his speech, forgets names, and fumbles pre-written statements. Many think he’s suffering from mental decline.

Yet Democrats want him to run the country?

You can only imagine what a debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump would look like. Trump would devour Biden, as the Democrat sputters and losing track of everything. Don’t be surprised if Biden’s campaign refuses to do any debates, even into the fall, claiming the pandemic makes it too dangerous.

Trump is not taking no for an answer and wants more debates.

President Trump’s reelection campaign is pressing for more general election debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden. And the president reached out to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to help the effort…

Parscale and Giuliani pushed for more debates, an earlier start to the debates than usual and having a say in the choice of moderators. The news was first reported by Politico…

The president and his campaign for months have questioned the 77-year-old Biden’s mental acuity, with Trump repeatedly calling the former vice president “Sleepy Joe.” [Source: Fox News]

Working with the Trump campaign, Rudy Giuliani is pushing for more debates—and sooner. Naturally, Biden’s campaign has already refused.

We all know why Biden’s campaign is reluctant to do this: they fear how their man will perform. If they really think Trump is unfit to lead and Biden is the right man for the job, they should be eager to debate him.

You can’t say the virus is any excuse. They can keep their distance. Moderators and audience members can wear face masks. There is no reason they can’t host debates and stay safe. But don’t be surprised if, when September and October roll around, Biden’s team tries to wiggle out of the debates.

What Trump is doing is a stroke of genius. Not only is Team Trump not pushing to cancel the original debates, but they want more and earlier ones. That shows the country they are eager for Trump to debate Biden—putting pressure on Biden. It also shows us that Trump is not afraid to face down his opponent.

If Biden’s team refuses for any reason (which they are), they will appear cowardly and weak.

Just imagine how a debate between these two men will go down. Joe Biden might have trouble walking to his podium. Even with liberal news moderators lobbing softballs, Joe will get confused, angry, and belligerent. He will refuse to answer questions, become aggressive, and forget basic facts. Trump will dance circles around him. He will appear much more competent and collected, answering questions with intelligence, calmness, and clarity.

Biden just can’t do that, anymore. Even with pre-written remarks, Biden has trouble speaking. He struggles to make it through just a few minutes. What will he do during a debate that lasts hours?

Mark my words: his team will try to cancel the three debates already scheduled for the fall. They will make up some excuse, probably the virus. There is no way Biden will be able to stand up to Trump.

But that will only further doom Joe’s chances at taking the White House away from him.

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