Media Silent As Democrat’s ‘Peaceful’ Movement Erupts In Deadly Violence

Once referred to as an “autonomous zone,” a region in Seattle controlled by anarchists is rapidly falling apart. They already struggled to provide food and basic necessities to those who occupied it. Now, without a police presence, things are quickly getting worse. Since Trump called out the group of rebels, violence has been on the rise.

Remember “CHAZ”? The group of anarchists that took over a section of Capitol Hill, Seattle recently changed their name to CHOP, now calling themselves an “occupy protest.” I guess they wanted to harken back to Occupy Wall Street, a months-long, bogus protest in New York that accomplished nothing. But at least OW had a goal: confronting what they considered the evils of America’s richest one percent.

What does CHOP want? Well… they… um… how should I know?

Changing their name suggests they fear an imminent take down by law enforcement. After all, a “protest” is legal but an “autonomous zone” (imply they are defying U.S. law) is not.

From the start, we’ve known this thing was a joke. Only the pathetic liberal mayor of Seattle would let this nonsense go on for so long. CHOP was unstable from the start. But what do you expect, from a group of people who never worked a day in their lives?

Now, a disturbing trend is growing within this “protest.”

One person was seriously wounded and rushed to hospital late Sunday in the second shooting in Seattle’s CHOP protest zone in less than 48 hours, according to police.

The shooting happened in the area near Seattle’s downtown known as CHOP, for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” police tweeted.

It comes after at least two people were shot, one fatally, inside the same zone early Saturday morning, as Breitbart News reported. [Source: Breitbart]

President Trump criticized the mayor’s description of CHOP, who said it had a “block party” vibe and it could become like the Summer of Love. Eh, not quite.

In less than 48 hours, there have been two shootings. In the first incident, two people were hurt and one was killed. Not long afterward, another person was seriously wounded and driven to the hospital. Keep in mind an ambulance was not able to pick up the victim. They had to be driven in a private car to a local hospital, of course outside CHOP.

It should come as no surprise that violence is occurring inside a lawless patch of space within left-wing Seattle. These people drove out the police, set up makeshift barricades, and have had a reputation for assaulting or harassing anyone that comes through their zone. Should it be a surprise that this is all devolving into death?

President Trump called on the mayor and governor of Washington state to end CHOP immediately. But, being foolish Democrats, they’ve refused. How can any reasonable leader, regardless of party, let this kind of insanity go on inside their own state? This group continues to defy the law with their “protest.” They have exhibited hostility to outsiders. And they can’t even provide food for anyone that’s in there.

Now, people are getting shot. One person has already died. How much longer does this have to go on before more lives are lost?

This raises serious questions about Democrats. Have they become so lawless that they have no problem with this kind of anarchy? Why isn’t the liberal media condemning CHOP and calling on Seattle’s leaders to do something about it?

Are they so full of hatred for Trump that they’d embrace this madness, just to spite him? Seems that way.

President Trump promised to bring CHOP to an end, if it becomes clear that the local government can’t do anything about it. Looks like that time might have come at last.

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