Liberal Mayor Now Sides With Trump In Astonishing Turn Of Events

For weeks, Americans have watched in shock as anarchists and radical activists overran a section of Seattle. The so-called Capitol Hill Occupy Protest destroyed much of a six-block portion of the city, ignoring state and U.S. law. The mayor ignored the flagrant rebellion, calling it a “block party.” Until someone was killed. Now, the mayor is actually forced to do her job.

The riots and protests that started back in May have one source: the Democrats. Don’t believe me? The groups behind the violence, demonstrations, statue toppling are funded by big liberal donors. Do you really think 20-year-old college dropouts would risk their lives burning buildings and smashing statues for free? Most of them were promised legal protection and bail. It was all organized by the left, who hoped to cause as much fear and panic in the run up to the election.

That’s also why local Democrat leaders in cities across America sat back and let the chaos spread. Were you surprised when the mayors of Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and others did nothing—even as “protesters” looted stores and destroyed black-owned businesses? Because their party was behind it!

That was also the reason Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was not only unwilling to shut down CHAZ/CHOP, but tried to rebrand it as a “block party.” Despite what we all saw: anarchists who vandalized and overran a portion of her city, Durkan foolishly claimed it would become another Summer of Love. But after two shootings, the mayor has been forced to do what she should have done two weeks ago.

Residents who live near Seattle’s “police-free” zone called CHOP—“Capitol Hill Organized Protest”—expressed relief Monday after Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that city officials are working to end the protest after two recent shootings including one that was deadly.

But despite the mayor’s decision to act, some residents who live by the area were critical of the city’s leadership for taking so long to act.

“It was doomed to happen from Day One,” Matthew Ploszaj, who lives in the vicinity, told KOMO News. “No one wanted to say it, but I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.” [Source: Fox News]

You’ll be surprised what liberal voters will ignore, to refuse to acknowledge that the policies they support hurt their cities. But even these Seattle residents couldn’t sit back any longer and watch a large patch of their city be turned into a third world country (after all, if could quickly spread elsewhere).

Durkan claimed CHOP was just an outgrowth of the “peaceful protests” sweeping America over racial inequity. Bogus. CHOP was an outgrowth of hateful actions by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two radical groups funded by the left to spread chaos and unrest. None of this was about police brutality or racial justice. It was all about stoking fear and anger in the runup to the election.

No mayor in her right mind would sit back and let criminals take over a police station and six blocks of her city. No leader that actually gives a crap about her people would reward anarchists who harass and assault law-abiding residents. No leader would turn a blind eye to rampant vandalizing, robbery, and assault.

Unless, of course, she wanted it to happen.

But when the bullets started flying, Durkan knew she lost. I had predicted it from the start that CHOP would devolve quickly. It was only a matter of time before murder or worse broke out. Hmm… a patch of city that is being “run” by lawless bums who have no money, no skills, and no plan. I can’t believe it hasn’t worked!

This was all a joke from the start. But the real hilarity is that there’s anyone left in America willing to vote for a party that lets this nonsense go on.

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