NFL Season In Freefall — Americans Boycott Over Political Agenda

The COVID lockdowns put a stranglehold on American sports. But hope remained that things would settle down by the fall, when the football season began. Don’t worry about that, though, because the league itself made sure fans would not be able to enjoy the game—thanks to leftist politics. Now, entire states are ready to boycott the sport.

For a long time, social justice has been infecting our pop culture, entertainment, and sports. Only recently did regular people begin to realize it. Once patriotic institutions have been poisoned by leftists who seek to destroy our most beloved past times.

I mean, seriously, who the heck though NASCAR would be ruined by social justice? But it was.

NFL might have been the worst affected. Because Colin Kaepernick fake protested to save his job, the sport has received a black eye that has never healed. The league, run by cowards, was unable to reject the un-American trend of kneeling during the Anthem. The fate of the sport was further harmed this year, as COVID worries put the entire season in doubt.

Now, widespread calls for boycotting are reemerging faster than the virus.

People in Mississippi are the most likely to boycott the NFL this season.

According to a study from, the state of Mississippi is boycotting the NFL the most this season as national anthem protests are expected to consume the league. Florida and Iowa are second and third…

The study is based off of geotagged Twitter data following NFL boycott trends on the social media site. You can see a full breakdown of the country below:

[Source: Daily Caller]

Big surprise, huh? Largely conservative states in the Midwest and South are likely to boycott the NFL over the ongoing controversy. Now, this isn’t an official movement, but it’s based on comments culled from Twitter.

Americans are already talking about boycotting the game, after the league and notable players like Drew Brees “bowed the knee” to the social justice mob once again.

It appears people in the public eye are just too cowardly to stand up to leftists that are so obviously wrong. These social justice warriors don’t care about the fun of professional sports. They aren’t supporters of these companies or products. We all know it. The vast majority of Americans are against their idiocy.

So, why are companies and leagues bowing to them? Because they agree with them. There is no other way to put it.

Most major companies have been run by Democrats for years. Ever since Trump became president, the party has jumped off the extremist cliff. Once radical socialist ideas are now mainstream for Democrats. They are all too happy to embrace social justice, because they think it’s the only way they can defeat Trump.

Those who aren’t liberal are just too cowardly to stand up for their beliefs. They fear losing their jobs or getting “canceled.” They only people apparently unafraid of getting canceled are the few liberals who dare defy the mob, once and a while.

How do we save our past times and culture? By refusing to support institutions so ready to embrace toxic socialism. I can’t tell you to boycott the NFL or any other company. But these clowns need to know we don’t support their views. If they keep trying to use movies, sports, and entertainment to push their agenda, they will lose our money.

Plain and simple.

It seems the good people of Mississippi, Florida, Iowa, and other states seem to agree.

How about you?

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