President Trump Roasts Liberal Media Over Latest Bolton Lie

Former Trump staffer John Bolton released a “tell-all” book loaded with claims about the president. Nothing in the book is provable and even the New York Times tore it apart. But that hasn’t stopped petty Democrats from trying to use it to push their radical agenda. The media has been spreading one particular claim from Bolton. Trump is setting the record straight.

Democrats will never stop trying to destroy Donald Trump and his agenda. It’s hard to believe they are doing this for the good of the country, when they sit back and let rioters burn down our cities. Democrats like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, as well as mayors and governors, appear to be more supportive of anarchists and criminals than hard-working Americans.

Anytime Trump or Republicans put forward a good-faith effort to cooperate with Democrats, the left throws it back in their faces. Even recently, they rejected Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill—simply because Republicans were the ones who crafted it.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that the left is quick to jump on an unverified rumor spread by John Bolton. He claimed that Russia put a bounty on American soldiers’ heads, trying to get Taliban to kill them. Bolton accused Trump of knowing about this—but doing nothing. Now, the president himself is firing back.

According to the president, this information was never reported to him or the vice president because it wasn’t “credible.” Meaning, intelligence didn’t bother to inform them, because there was little evidence that this rumor was true.

It’s not a surprise that our enemies would spread lies and rumors to distract us. Our intelligence agencies need to shift through mountains of false flags and rabbit trails, to get to real info. That’s their job and they’re pretty good at it. This story about a bounty sounds like something out of a bad movie. Bolton no-doubt put it into his book, knowing the idiots in the media would trumpet it without bothering to get the facts.

Our media seems to think we live in some kind of movie. They are all too quick to push conspiracy as fact, as long as it appears to slander President Trump. Not one journalist has shown an ounce of skepticism for this claim, especially considering it’s coming from a man who has a reason to lie to hurt his old boss. Reporters just parrot these rumors as if they were gospel, proving how utterly useless they are.

The truth is, nobody has been more effective at dealing with both Russia and the Taliban than Donald Trump. Obama and Joe Biden sat back and let Russia run lose all over the world. They did little to combat the Taliban’s corrupting influence in the Middle East. Under Trump, we are actually seeing a de-escalation in conflicts. Trump is working to end our endless overseas campaigns.

That’s the real reason Bolton and the media hates Trump. They want endless wars and chaos—at home and abroad—so they can gobble up more power. They pounce on what can only be called a rumor to hurt the president, acting like the unprofessional children they are.

Should the Democrats be stupid enough to push this new hoax, it will only end up hurting them in the end.

Not that I’m all broken up about that.

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