Trump Sets Crosshairs On China As More Virus Damage Emerges

As the country gradually recovers from the COVID lockdowns, it appears many leaders are eager to move on. States are seeing deaths decline as restrictions are being lifted. Perhaps this will all be a memory soon. But Donald Trump is not willing to forget what happened nor how this all started. And he’s setting his sights squarely on China.

You have to wonder why the media and many others are quick to ignore China’s roll in a pandemic that has rocked the world. It’s not just politicians who refuse to hold China accountable. From celebrities to corporations, there appears to be an attempt to totally ignore China’s responsibility. Oh, these liberals are quick to remind you about the disease (demanding you wear a mask to take a walk), but they won’t talk about how this was the fault of the Chinese Communist Party.

President Trump is not about to let China off the hook. And last night, he posted an ominous tweet that should put China on notice.

President Trump on Tuesday evening tweeted that he is becoming increasingly “angry at China” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to the USA, I become more and more angry at China. People can see it, and I can feel it!” the president tweeted.

The nation’s economy has suffered significantly during the crisis, with many people losing their jobs. [Source: Just The News]

Early during the pandemic, liberal media outlets got their panties in a twist over Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus.” This, despite the fact that all through January and February, they used the exact same term. They flip-flopped, claiming that accusing China for the virus was “racist.” Who also said that? The Chinese government.

Anyone in America who refuses to hold China accountable is in bed with the communist regime. They are either profiting from business deals or work for companies that are. These “Americans” are too cowardly to call out the foreign power for its titanic failure in containing a virus that should have never reached our shores.

And, in a shocking act of allegiance with China, liberals have tried to blame Trump for the spread of the disease. They want you to think that, because China let this thing loose on the world, Trump should be blamed. Garbage. Trump was the only leader taking this thing seriously in January. He made the tough call to contain it in March. And he’s leading the charge to safely reopen our country, when so many Democrats want us locked down forever.

You should be glad that Trump is calling out China, once again. As the pandemic subsides, China would be very happy to see us just forget the silly whole thing. Forget that they ignored the threat for months, as it spread across their country. Forget that they lied and covered up the truth, as it spread to other countries. Forget that they prevented doctors from studying the virus, to quickly find a solution.

Everything we’ve suffered over the last six months has been China’s fault. Not Trump’s. Not the U.S.’s. But China’s. They are the ones responsible for all the pain, hardship, and death. And they are the ones that must be held accountable for what they did.

But we know that our country and government will do their best not to hold China accountable. They will bow to the Red Monster, because they fear their bank accounts will suffer. That’s particularly true of Joe Biden, who has been in bed with the CCP for years.

The only person who can hold China’s feet to the fire is Trump. You know that, so do I.

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