Senate Immediately Debunks Media’s Outrageous Attack On President Trump

The media has been spreading a new attack on President Trump—claiming he was briefed on Russian bounties on American solders’ heads. Despite any verifiable information (and quoting an unnamed source), the media has spread this rumor far and wide. But Senate and House Republicans have been briefed on this issue—and they’re saying this.

Out of all the hoaxes and attacks the media have spread against the president, this might be one of the weakest. The New York Times—a paper no longer good to even line a bird cage—claims an unnamed source told them Trump knew about a supposed bounty Russia put on U.S. forces’ heads.

It seems the media, out of ideas, is back on the Russian angle. They claimed Trump knew about this, but did nothing.

Really this is a nothingburger of epic proportions. First of all, the president says he wasn’t briefed on this. Intelligence officials don’t waste time with “low-quality” intel (also called rumors). Secondly, how could the media even prove Trump “didn’t care,” when they refuse to even name the source of their report?

Now, Republicans from the House and Senate are speaking about what they know. And they’re backing the president.

Senate and House Republicans are backing President Trump against allegations in anonymously sourced reports that a Russian military intelligence unit offered bounties to the Taliban for U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan and that the president was briefed on it…

The White House has said Trump was never briefed on the intelligence, which remains unverified by the intelligence community. After receiving a briefing from the director of national intelligence and the national security adviser on Monday and Tuesday, Republicans agreed.

“Those major national newspapers I mentioned, including the New York Times and Washington Post, reported on unverified and inconclusive intelligence as though it had been conclusively determined that Russia paid bounties on US troops,” [said Sen. Todd Young]. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, congressional leaders (both Republican and Democrat) had access to this information but were not alarmed. Sen. Ron Johnson said the “intelligence was not verified.” Meaning, it had little merit and should have been disregarded. There are all kinds of “false flags” and fake intel that is spread by foreign agencies and forces. Our intelligence agencies’ jobs are to shift through the good and bad intel.

Clearly this bogus bounty story had little merit. But the New York Times—a group of bad reporters who know nothing about how this system works—jumped on a rumor just to slam the president.

Rep. Jim Banks went on to call the Times’ report a “hit piece” against the president. Rep. Michael Waltz said this report “smacks of partisan talking points.”

It seems that the people who know what they’re talking about—who have access to intelligence—are calling out this bogus report. The fact remains that this liberal newspaper took one, unverified rumor and blew it up just to hurt the president during an election year.

The rest of the media jumped on it, because they are programmed to spread dirt about Trump. None of them bothered to verify the story or discover the so-called source. None of them bothered to acknowledge that plenty of “intel” that floats around is bad and unimportant.

Nope, one of that mattered. These are Democrats disguised as reporters. They are trying to influence the 2020 Election by spreading the most outrageous and unprovable allegations.

So, who are we going to believe? Republican leaders, many of whom served overseas and understand the situation or Democrats who are trying to pull one stunt after another to get their puppet candidate into the White House?

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