Liberal Reporter Documents BLM Devastation — Comes Clean On Why Media Ignored It

The Minneapolis riots are over, but the devastation is immense. Our own Julio Rosas was there when the chaos erupted, covering, among other things, the looting and the torching of the city’s third police precinct headquarters. The rioting was over the officer-involved death of George Floyd. The officers involved have been fired, the one who kept his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck as he laid prone to the ground handcuffed, Derek Chauvin, was charged with second-degree murder. The three other officers involved were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. It has led to a resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests/riots, looting, and historical revisionism through the prism of the ‘woke’ among the Left. As you’d expect, it’s absolute mayhem in the cities. Far left-wingers seized portions of Seattle. New York City has been engulfed by the lefty mob. Rosas is there, by the way, covering the Big Apple’s autonomous zone.

Yet, we seem to have moved on from Minneapolis, or at least covering the extend to the destruction of the city. Michael Tracey decided to venture into Mill town, braving threats of violence from Antifa. Tracey, who conducted interviews with folks sifting through the rubble of their community, noted that minorities hate Antifa, but that’s beside the point. In a lengthy Twitter thread a few days ago, he documented the aftermath and it’s eye-opening. We knew it was going to be based off what Rosas saw the night all of this went down. Julio is a veteran of covering such demonstrations, especially Antifa, and he said he never saw anything like what he witnessed when Minneapolis was burning.

Weeks later, Tracey walked by the police headquarters, noting that the place looked like Bosnia. He also said that the breadth of the destruction is probably not being covered by the media because it could be seen as helping President Trump, who has promised to maintain law and order during the chaos. He found one dentist’s office that was used to give care to the uninsured in the community that was utterly destroyed.

Minneapolis won’t be back for a long time.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Liberal Reporter Documents Minneapolis Devastation And Suggests Why the Media Didn’t Really Cover It

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