Biden’s Ominous July 4th Message Backfires Spectacularly

Despite helpful poll numbers, Joe Biden is struggling to excite voters to get behind him. He continues to hide in his basement, rarely appearing in public. This fourth of July, he appeared in a video—making a promise about his campaign and presidency. He insulted America and claimed he would “transform” the country. Now critics, including Newt Gingrich, are demanding answers.

Joe Biden is hardly a fiery and inspiring candidate for president. Honestly, I can’t think of a more-boring and bland person the Democrats could have picked to go up against Donald Trump. Biden has no real plan or vision for the country that can compete with Trump’s. In fact, his campaign got a big break thanks to the lockdowns—because it gave them an excuse to hide their candidate!

During the July 4th weekend, as Americans all over the country celebrated America, Joe Biden came out of the woodwork to post a short message to his Twitter account. In it, he slammed America, pointing out all our flaws and none of our victories.

Biden delivered a short video address on Twitter from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, in which he told Americans that the November election offered “a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country,” implying the country itself was racist by design. [Source: Breitbart]

In addition to this, he later tweeted he wants to “transform” America, though he didn’t explain how:

Newt Gingrich took to Twitter himself to tear the Democrats’ words apart. He called Biden’s speech “the most anti-American speech ever given by” a candidate for president. Once again, Biden omits God when he recited the Declaration of Independence. Biden insults Thomas Jefferson by referring to his history as a slave owner. Biden even insulted the efforts to end slavery during the Civil War as “ravages.”

Gingrich goes on to point out the many times Americans have fought to end segregation and discrimination. Biden ignored our long history of seeking justice through powerful moments of bravery and selflessness. Biden even “skips the massive 1963 rally at Lincoln Memorial,” when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his timeless “I Have a Dream” speech.

Gingrich drops the hammer on Biden, when he points out that Joe’s been in Washington for 48 years but only now will he “fix everything he failed to fix for nearly a half century.”

Joe Biden’s message was one of divisiveness and hate. He’s a fraud who ignored the incredible progress America has made over a very short period of time. The Democrat was trying to exploit the anger being spread by Black Lives Matter—hoping Americans won’t remember that just a few weeks ago, he expressed his own racist sentiments by insulting black Trump supporters.

The man also doomed himself when he suggested we’ve made no progress. After all, Joe Biden has been in Washington almost 50 years. Is he admitting that during all that time, he did nothing to help the cause of equality?

Is Joe really telling potential voters that as a senator and vice president, he sat back and let black Americans continue to be oppressed?

Hey, Joe! You can’t have it both ways. You can’t call America evil and unjust and expect us to ignore your roll in it. And if you want to take credit for you 48 years in office, you have to admit America isn’t as bad as you claim it is.

Joe seems to think he can tarnish the United States, as if he hasn’t been a part of it for 77 years! Gingrich was right to point out all the ugly lies Joe spread in what should have been a uniting speech.

But Joe doesn’t care about uniting America. He wants to win at any cost. Even if he insults the very country he claims to want to lead.

That alone should disqualify him.

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