President Trump Blindsides China With New Executive Orders

What’s Happening:

The global pandemic has revealed how dangerous relying on foreign goods can be. Many who once scoffed at Trump’s America First policy are now reconsidering it. The president’s attempts at bring jobs (particularly manufacturing jobs) back to U.S. soil suddenly appear to be a stroke of genius.

But efforts to do just that stalled in recent months, as the country struggled to come back from the government-mandated lockdowns.

Now that many states are coming into the clear, the president is planning a variety of America First executive orders:

President Trump is preparing to sign executive orders on a wide range of topics, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Monday.

Meadows said in a Fox News interview that the orders will address China, immigration, manufacturing jobs and the cost of prescription drugs.

“This president will do more in the next four weeks than Joe Biden and his team did in the last 40 years,” Meadows said.

While the specific details of these orders have yet to be released, it is obvious they’ll address key economic issues facing the country. Trump will most likely address ongoing problems between the U.S. and China, most notably travel restrictions as well as the movement of goods between both countries.

He might even impose sanctions on China, as a means of clawing back what was lost during the devastating pandemic.

Trump has taken a strict stance on immigration in recent months, even for him. He has restricted the flow of legal immigrants, including the issuing of visas, in order to protect American jobs. This order might extend those restrictions, to ensure Americans going back to work have a fair chance.

President Trump has frequently discussed bringing more manufacturing back to the U.S. He has also called out our dependency on China over the production of prescription drugs. It’s possible these orders will address those issues.

It’s also possible that Trump will issue an EO that will attempt to lower prescription drugs, something he has called on Congress repeatedly to do.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump has announced several new executive orders in the coming days.
  • The orders will focus on China, manufacturing, immigration, and prescription drugs.
  • White House chief of staff Meadows revealed the orders are imminent.

Source: New York Post

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Plans Fresh Set Of Executive Orders – He’s Going After China And Keeping America First

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