Prominent Trump Advisor Dishes On Kanye West’s Latest Political ‘Move’

This July 4th, Kanye West announced via Twitter that he was running for president. The rapper, who formerly supported Donald Trump, is apparently eager to assume the White House himself. As many try to make sense of this sudden move by the celebrity, a top Trump campaign advisor weighs in.

The media flipped its lid in recent years when rapper superstar, Kanye West, came out in support of Donald Trump. West posted pictures online of his red MAGA hat and even appeared at the White House with other black leaders to convene with the president. He sent shock waves through the black community as he criticized the left’s demand that all black people vote Democrat.

Since that time, we’ve occasionally heard from West as he’s released new music or popped up online from time to time. But he recently baffled America when he posted a seemingly strange tweet on July 4 that he was running for president.

The enigmatic celebrity is known for his unexpected outbursts and controversial statements. But running for president? It was an odd choice, even for him. Many chalked it up to a joke. Yet West went into more detail in a recent interview, saying he was no longer a Trump supporter—but was particularly negative against Joe Biden.

Now a Trump campaign advisor thinks he knows what Kanye is up to.

In announcing his supposed bid for the White House, music icon Kanye West could be instead trying to siphon Black votes away from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, says David Harris Jr., a member of the Trump campaign’s Black Voices for Trump advisory board…

“He may just be trying to distance himself from Donald Trump enough to be able to get some of the Black community that would not vote for Trump, but may have voted for Biden to write his name it,” Harris said…

“So if that is if that is his tactic, I don’t really think he’s serious about really trying to win the presidency right now. I think that if anything, it’s more strategic and maybe trying to get some black votes that would have voted voted for Biden to actually vote for Kanye.” [Source: Just the News]

Harris discussed that it’s too late for West to get on most state ballots. And it’s unlikely he will be able to go through the process to officially register as a candidate. It’s possible he’s hoping to be a write-in candidate—but to think that will win him the election is a longshot at best.

According to recent polls, Donald Trump enjoys around 30% approval among black voters. A shockingly high number for a Republican, but that still means roughly 70% of black voters might go for Biden this November. Harris’ view that Kanye is trying to siphon away some of those voters is very probable.

West has said very little negative against Trump, but has blasted Joe Biden and the Democratic Party mercilessly. Knowing how devoted Trump supporters are, it is unlikely any of the millions of conservatives in American would ditch the president to vote for the rapper.

But it’s no secret that black Americans have little interest in voting for Joe Biden. The man is struggling to muster enthusiasm among his own base. Many Democrats fear black voters won’t even show up at the polls.

The introduction of Kanye as a candidate might be a major spoiler for Biden. Black voters who might have given him a chance could be motivated to cast their vote for the influential rapper instead, especially young people. That would drain any support Biden thinks he has.

So, even though Kanye might be running against Donald Trump, he entry into the election might further seal the president’s victory.

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