Biden Campaign Makes Ridiculous New Debate Demand

Joe Biden Campaign Chair Cedric Richmond joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss the current state of the Biden campaign.

During his discussion with Brian Kilmeade Richmond compared Trump voters to David Duke voters in the United States.

When he was asked about this comparison he said, “Well, I’m using it as an example as secret voters and people who voted for someone who may not have great character.”

Richmond then said the Biden campaign wants “fact-checkers” to post notes live on the TV screen during the debates.

Obviously, Joe Biden is incapable of putting together a coherent argument.

You knew this was coming!

Via FOX and Friends.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: HERE WE GO: Biden Campaign Wants Fact Checkers For Presidential Debates Because Joe Biden Is Incapable Forming Coherent Arguments (VIDEO)

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