Mayor Forces Masks on Citizens — State Responds With Lawsuit

As leaders nationwide force mask mandates on free citizens, the governor of Georgia refuses. He issued a rule that forbids any leaders in his state from forcing residents to wear masks. The liberal mayor of Atlanta immediately defied the rule, forcing citizens to wear masks when outside. So, the state is suing her.

From the very start of the COVID panic, we’ve seen our government violate our rights again and again. This virus has given us a pretty good look into what Democrat leaders would do, if given too much power. Democrats shut down entire states, forced Americans into their homes, fined and arrested churchgoers—and so much more.

Democrats still refuse to let children go back to school. Now, the latest trend is to force people to wear masks—even while in the open air.

You can debate the usefulness of masks all you want. But the problem is the government is trying to decide your health choices for you. As a free American, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to stay safe and healthy. When a left-wing governor or mayor makes the decision, are you really a free citizen anymore?

Gov. Kemp of Georgia forbad local leaders from forcing a mask mandate. The left-wing mayor of Atlanta defied him. So, he’s taking the city to court.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is suing Atlanta to block the city from enforcing its mandate to wear a mask in public and other rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying in a court filing that the city’s leadership was illegally circumventing state executive orders with their own edicts.

Kemp and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, in a suit filed in state court late Thursday, argued that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has overstepped her authority and must obey Kemp’s executive orders under state law. [Source: Fox News]

A governor has greater authority than a mayor, period. If the governor says something, a mayor has to obey it. If they disagree, there are various avenues they can take to work it out. Instead of obeying the law, Mayor Lance Bottoms decides she could do whatever she wants. Like so many other Democrats, she seems to think she can discard parts of the law she doesn’t like to suit her.

This has very little to do with masks. Wear them if you want, who cares? This has everything to do with the direction Democrats are going in the future. As elite liberals, they think they know better than you. They consider their education and station in life makes them superior to us “regular folk.” They’re perfectly fine with you doing what you want everything’s going well.

But when the chips are down (and they’re forced to actually lead), they suddenly become dictators who deny you the right to think and act for yourself.

This won’t end with the COVID panic. Democrats will try to maintain this level of control from here on out. If we get a bad flu season, they’ll shut down states again. Hell, if someone stubs their toe, Democrats will be back behind the lectern, demanding we follow their insane whims.

The next time there’s a storm, terrorist attack, maybe even a computer hack, Democrats will try to exert control over free citizens. The shutdowns and masks are just the paths they’re taking with this crisis. Next time, they might control what you see online, censor your speech, or other ridiculous rules that pit us against the government.

It must stop now. Gov. Kemp is not trying to jeopardize anyone’s safety. He is, in fact, protecting the rights of every free Georgia citizen. The mayor of Atlanta doesn’t think her people are smart enough to do the right thing for themselves. She is a dictator, like every last Democrat in office.

Only when these crooks are out of office will we be free again.

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