New Poll Reveals Who Americans Trust More: Themselves or the Government?

After months of horrible COVID reactions and endless riots in blue cities, Americans are starting to see their government in a new light. Those we relied us to get us through the hard times have fallen flat on their faces. Even today, some states refuse to reopen and punish citizens with massive tax hikes. A new poll asked who Americans trusted more. Their responses will have a big impact in November.

If the COVID panic has taught us anything, it’s that individuals need to take personal responsibility for their health and livelihoods. As the media hyped up every last case and death, our leaders grew more and more panicked. It didn’t appear they were so much concerned with people’s health, as how they looked on TV. Even as the situation gets progressively better nationwide, our leaders continue to act erratically, mandating masks and keeping many businesses shut down.

The toll on the American public will be felt for years (if not decades) to come. Some states are going further to hurt Americans with massive tax hikes. Others, mostly blue cities, sit back and do nothing as rioters and criminals spread violence. More and more Americans are feeling they are on their own, as government fails each and every day.

So, it should come as no surprise how Americans responded to the question: who do you trust more, yourself or the government?

When it comes to getting these questions and others actually answered, voters trust public opinion more than they trust politicians.

68% of voters say they trust American people more than the American government, according to a Scott Rasmussen Ballotpedia poll. 11% feel the opposite, and 20% are unsure. [Source: Just the News]

A mere 11% of Americans actually trust the government more than they trust themselves and the rest of the American people. That means you’re more likely to take advice from your neighbor (regardless of their expertise) than a suit with a fancy government title who stand behind a podium.

Chances are, these numbers are a result of the COVID panic. Before that, probably many more people trusted the government to handle a crisis. But this situation proved that government officials are as in the dark as anyone else. They only push policy because it looks good at the time, not because it actually works. But Americans who have to deal with the consequences of their decisions would rather make up their minds for themselves.

This will have a tremendous impact on November. Why? Because while Donald Trump continues to promise less government and more freedom for Americans, Joe Biden promises not only a return to big-government police of Obama, but even more government interference than we’ve ever seen.

Biden wants to expand the power of government to control private industries (especially the energy industry), he wants to open the border to illegals, he wants to take over the health care industry. And that’s just for starters. He promised tax hikes to pay for massive new government programs. He wants to shut down school choice and force children to go to failing public schools.

Donald Trump staked his administration on the notion that the American citizen knows better how to live his life than the government. His entire first term focused on rolling back abusive Obama-era rules, to give Americans more freedom and opportunity. Joe Biden would reverse all of that, ripping prosperity from Americans’ hands.

If this poll holds true, even Democratic voters have a hard choice to make in the Fall. If we truly trust ourselves more than the government, why would we vote for a party that promises more government interference and abuse? Why vote for a party that shut down our states, punished hard-working Americans, and continues to let violence reign?

I think the choice is pretty clear.

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