Allen West Scores Huge Political Victory For Republicans

Finally, some good news that will really help the GOP…and right in the nick of time

Former Florida congressman, patriotic colonel, and Trump-supporter Allen West is the new leader of the Texas GOP.

West easily knocked off incumbent James Dickey to become the next chairman of what is arguably the most powerful GOP state organization.

West tweeted when the results became clear: “I just want to say how truly humbled I am by this honor, and that I will work hard for Texas and Texans. I would like to thank my amazing and dedicated team, as well as an incredible number of supporters. Thank you all! Now the work begins…”

From Texas Tribune:

Allen West, the firebrand former Florida congressman, has defeated Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey to lead the country’s largest state Republican Party.

West claimed victory shortly before 3:30 a.m. Monday, while Dickey conceded about an hour later. The developments came during an early-morning round of voting among state Senate district caucuses at the party’s virtual convention.

“I wish Lt. Col. West the very best in this role,” Dickey, who had been running for a second full term, wrote on Facebook. “Thank you for the honor of serving as your Chair. Let’s win in November.”

West moved to Texas several years ago and became politically active here. His victory means an abrupt change in party leadership with less than four months until one of the most challenging elections that Texas Republicans are facing in a long time.

It’s great to see Colonel West back…especially after that recent scare with his motorcycle accident.

Colonel West is a warrior and a patriot, and we know the Texas GOP is in great and very competent hands.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Colonel Allen West just scored major political victory, Republicans everywhere will benefit

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