As Obama Struggles To Save Biden — Trump Fires Back

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton managed to get President Obama to endorse her bid for the White House. It didn’t work. It seems Americans were no longer impressed by Obama’s star quality and elected Donald Trump instead. Now, the Biden campaign is hoping Obama can do more for them than he did for Clinton. But Trump has some bad news for them.

Since leaving office, Obama was relatively quiet. For a time, he and his family went on what appeared to be a six-month vacation. Sure, live it up, Obama. You only wasted eight years ruining the United States! You deserved a break.

Recently, Obama and Co. have tried to infiltrate various areas of American culture. Many of his former staff now work in media outlets. They have taken over publishing, movies, television, and the press. Obama and many of his top aides (including intelligence officers) are now running Netflix. Why the streaming service thought government officials would do a better job of running their company, I’ll never know.

But Obama was quiet during the Democratic primaries until everyone but Joe was gone. Then he made a short endorsement, followed up by an awkward video with the man. Now, according to rumors, he’s shooting an ad for his former VP.

Trump is letting everyone know, it won’t do much to save Joe.

Obama, who wouldn’t even endorse Biden until everyone else was out of the primaries (and even then waited a long time!), is now making a commercial of support. Remember, I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for them. I wouldn’t be President. They did a terrible job! [Source: Twitter]

The president is reminding us how Obama was so reluctant to stick his neck out for Biden during the primaries. In fact, Obama was pretty silent during that time, unwilling to endorse anyone. You’d think the former president would have an opinion on who should lead the country. Maybe he could have tipped the scales for Bernie, Mayor Pete, or one of the other candidates. Instead, he stayed out. That’s pretty telling.

He only backed Joe after it was obvious nobody else had a chance. That proves even Obama knows his influence no longer matters. If he thought his endorsement would have made a difference, he would have jumped in sooner. Instead, he waited until it made zero impact.

Now, it seems, he’s shooting an ad for Joe. Not a huge surprise, Obama shot an ad for Hillary. But Trump is bringing up a very important fact.

Why were so many Americans willing to back Trump in 2016? Remember, numerous states that went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 flipped for Trump. That means many voters who once supported Obama jumped ship.

Was it because they suddenly became Republicans? Or did it have something to do with Obama’s track record?

Obama ran on “hope and change.” Yet he did little to distinguish himself from all the corrupt globalists that came before him. Even his signature policy, Obamacare, was a disaster. Americans across the Midwest lost their health insurance, thanks to the president. All his promises fell flat, as it became obvious Obama only cared about rewarding his buddies in radical, left-wing groups.

His fail presidency set up Trump’s success. Now, Biden thinks Obama still has some of that magic to give his campaign a needed injection of enthusiasm (particularly among black voters).

Something tells me it isn’t going to work. President Trump himself is pointing to his victory as proof that Obama is no longer the “golden boy” the media painted him out to be. In fact, an endorsement by him might only further hurt Biden’s chances at election.

Not that it’s going to stop them from trying.

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