Biden Campaign Rocked By Embarrassing Livestream

This is unreal…absolutely unreal

Viewership during a Joe Biden livestream event were so ungodly low, that it makes you wonder if this was a private event? But then again, why on earth would they hold a “private event” that the public could see?

Regardless, of what’s going on here, the optics are a total disaster.

You can see below in the image Joe Biden holding a live stream event, and after 26 minutes there are only 19 people watching.

How they got there or what type of event it was doesn’t really matter, because all we see is 19 people!

Here’s what some people had to say about Joe’s live stream:

“I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm since I waited at the hospital for my colonoscopy.”

“”Didn’t we pay for 50?””

“19 people watching? That’s not a campaign. That’s an office meeting.”

“So he got all of his supporters at once then….”

“They should do these at night when people are trying to get to sleep…people will tune in just to be lulled to sleep.”

I am telling you now, Joe Biden has zero enthusiasm. I don’t care what polls, media or the Deep State trot out – it doesn’t change the reality of the situation -Biden is a snore.

He’s a thousand times worse than Hillary, who could at least string a sentence together and look alert and awake.

This is a disaster and the media is trying with all their might to carry this old fool across the finish line and it’s just not gonna work. You can fake polls, but you can’t fake enthusiasm.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Embarrassing: Only 19 people watching Joe Biden’s livestream event at the 26 minute mark

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