After Trump Challenges Biden To Live Interview – Biden Responds

Last week, President Trump sat down with Fox News’ Chris Wallace for an interview. Wallace, who is no fan of Trump’s, hit Trump with hard questions. President Trump asked if Joe Biden, Democratic candidate for president, would be able to answer the same kind of questions from Wallace. We know the answer.

Let’s be honest, Joe Biden is falling apart. I thought it was bad in 2016, when the left put up Hillary Clinton, a woman obviously suffering from a serious illness (some suggested Parkinson’s). But today? The Democrats were stupid enough to put forward Joe Biden, a man some say is in the early stages of dementia.

Just spend some time looking at recent interviews or clips of the candidate. The man quickly loses his temper, forgets where he is, and struggles to read pre-written speeches or statements. Nobody in their right mind, being honest, can say he is fit to be the president.

Donald Trump wondered if Biden could handle a real interview, one conducted by no-nonsense journalist Chris Wallace. Well, wonder no more, because Biden just proved… he can’t.

During his interview with Chris Wallace last week, President Trump questioned whether the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, could handle the barrage of questioning that Wallace posed to Trump…

Wallace on Sunday informed viewers that the Biden campaign told Fox News he was “not available” for an interview.

“In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, could handle a similar encounter,” Wallace said. “This week, we asked the Biden campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available.”

He added, “We’ll keep asking every week.” [Source: Fox News]

There is an obvious reason why Joe Biden refuses to appear on Fox News for Wallace’s interview, even though the network is the #1 news channel in the country.

Wallace would most-likely refuse to hand over questions to Joe Biden’s campaign ahead of time, a requirement that other outlets are obviously doing. In recent “press briefings” and interviews, it’s clear Joe is reading his answers. That’s only possible if the reporters send them over earlier so that Biden’s camp can write out his responses. That strongly suggests the man is not capable of thinking quickly enough to answer on his own.

I doubt Wallace or Fox News would be willing to do that. Also, Trump appeared live, in person, to speak with Wallace. There’s no way Joe will be doing that now. Not because of safety concerns, but because by doing online interviews, his handlers can cut him off when they need to.

As in the case with this recent ABC-15 interview, when a handler cut off the stream just as Biden was losing his temper with the reporter. Not great, you guys.

If Biden’s camp can’t control the interview, it would mean America might see just how bad Biden’s mental decline has gotten.

Consider too how Wallace won’t play nice with Joe Biden. Back in 2016, Wallace was the only debate moderator willing to confront Hillary Clinton over some details from her leaked emails. Imagine what he would do during a face-to-face interview with Joe Biden?

His campaign is much too worried about what will happen in such an encounter. Will Joe wilt under the pressure? Will he become confused, distracted, or irritated? Maybe he will have one of his characteristic meltdowns, lashing out at Wallace after a particularly probing question?

We all know what will happen, so Biden’s campaign is taking the safe route. But how long can they avoid real interviews, questions, and events?

Will they cancel the three presidential debates? It’s not like Joe’s mental state will get better in the coming weeks?

I guess Democrats have some real worries ahead of them.

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