Sanders Turns On Biden – Issues Startling Ultimatum

The Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie Sanders to get Joe Biden the nomination. Now, the party is desperate to keep his supporters happy, long enough for the convention to happen. Even though Joe Biden is lurching dangerously left, Sanders’ people are still upset. They even vow to reject the party’s platform, if their demands aren’t met.

You might be wondering how the Democrats sabotaged Bernie Sanders. Simple, they got several leading primary candidates to drop out of the race just before Super Tuesday (but allowed Elizabeth Warren to stay in). With those “moderate” candidates gone, Biden got a huge boost, soaring past Sanders.

Yet the party has a problem. They need those left-wing, Bernie “bros” if they hope to unite the party moving into the general election. If they can’t even get their base on board with Joe, how can they get the rest of the country?

But it appears Sanders’ people haven’t forgiven the Democrats for how they treated their candidate. Now, they are making radical demands.

Just three weeks before the Democratic National Convention, hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates have pledged to vote against their party’s platform if it does not include support for “Medicare-for-all.”…

Delegates from Nevada organized the petition and nearly 500 of them – most of whom backed Sanders for president – have signed on, delegates told Fox News…

The Sanders delegates are sure to clash with their party’s presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, who opposes a single-payer system. “Medicare-for-all” was not included in a draft 80-page Democratic Party platform released on July 21. Instead, the platform promises to make health care more affordable in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. [Source: Fox News]

This “Medicare-for-All” ruse is not really about the platform, but a way for Bernie’s supporters to rebel without appearing bitter. They know the party worked against Sanders, just as they did in 2016. But with most of the left behind Sleepy Joe, they can’t openly defy them without being attacked.

So, they push this angle in order to have a “clean” excuse to undermine the party.

Bernie Sanders himself was willing to give up his dreams of “Medicare-for-All.” He’s pretty good at backing down without a fight. But many of his delegates are looking to defy the party, because it won’t embrace all of their socialist demands.

Democrats have become more socialist than FDR these days. They want to destroy American prosperity and liberty with heavier taxes, larger government, and greater corruption. All their plans involve giving themselves unlimited power over Americans. Yet still, Bernie’s people are upset.

I guess they won’t be happy until we’re flying the Hammer and Sickle over our country, huh?

But this upheaval might be signs of what’s to come. Many diehard Sanders supporters vowed they would not back the party, if Bernie lost. They promised to revolt if Democrats turned against him. This latest complaint might be a signal that most of his backers will turn away from the party.

Not a great thing to happen, with only months before the election. Joe Biden is a weak, tired candidate with little enthusiasm among his base. It appears few voters are eager to vote for a man who refuses to leave his basement and frequently shows signs of dementia.

He needed all the support he could get, but it appears that a wing of the party won’t budge.

What will happen if the Democrats embrace “Medicare-for-All”? Disaster, to say the least. Outside of socialists, Americans don’t want it. Many still suffer thanks to horrible Obamacare. Why would they put themselves through even more pain, with something worse than that?

If Democrats embrace MFA, that’s the end of their chances.

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