Devastating Effect Of Lockdowns Just Revealed In Global Report

In America and across the globe, governments imposed a knee-jerk reaction to the COVID panic in the form of lockdowns. They shut down economies and ruined millions of lives, by requiring citizens to stay indoors. Little evidence can back this radical, medieval approach to the disease. But many reports have come out, revealing the devastating effects of these tyrannical orders.

Did anyone in their right mind really believe that shutting down the world for months was a good thing? From all accounts, COVID-19 has a survival rate above 99.3% for most groups. The only people in danger of dying were over 75. Yet our governments chose the most extreme, most dangerous “measure” to control the disease: forced lockdowns.

And I’m not just lamenting the economy. That would have been enough to prove the lockdowns were a bad idea. But the damage to the global economy pales in comparison with the devastating toll they had on people worldwide.

Students’ academic careers were ruined. One-in-a-lifetime events were canceled. People were unable to go to doctors’ officers, meaning treatable diseases were left undiagnosed for months. Families were not allowed to say goodbye to parents or grandparents, who died alone in hospitals. The psychological damage was astronomical, leading to a surge in suicides. The other negative health effects of these lockdowns won’t be felt for years to come.

But another horrible outcome of these lockdowns is only now being talked about: a massive surge in domestic abuse.

Domestic violence across the five boroughs of New York City soared at the peak of the state’s coronavirus lockdown, recently unveiled data reportedly show, confirming predictions from experts, assertions from law enforcement officials, and echoing global trends…

The Post’s findings are consistent with a recent United Nations report highlighting skyrocketing domestic violence incidents amid the coronavirus-linked lockdowns across the world…

“We have seen people who never experienced violence starting to experience violence, and people who have experienced violence experience worse violence.” [Source: Breitbart]

There were some who predicted this would happen, but they were ignored. The kind of violence mentioned include choking, sexual violence, and “intense and serious acts of crime.” This violence included acts against children and spouses.

It shouldn’t be a surprise if you think about it. People were forced into their homes, unable to work or go to school. The stress of such a situation put a massive strain on families. As their mental states deteriorated, some people resorted to lashing out at their loved ones. This isn’t just coming from people with a history of domestic abuse. People who never experienced violence started seeing it—proving the lockdowns were doing something unimaginable to good families.

Just think, millions of families were ruined and torn apart. Relationships were destroyed. Marriages torched. All because Democrats wanted to hurt our economy in an election year.

The lockdowns had nothing to do with “slowing the spread.” They had everything to do with damaging Donald Trump’s biggest achievement, so he would have a harder time winning re-election.

Democrats were willing to inflict untold damage to our economy, family life, mental health, and physical health, all in the name of winning an election.

Even today, Democrats seek to impose more restrictions and strip more rights from citizens. They don’t want to open up schools in the Fall, even though students face zero risk from the disease.

Don’t be fooled. This has nothing to do with the disease. Democrats have gone off a cliff. They are tyrants who want us miserable and defeated, while they sit back in their gated communities enjoying themselves.

They don’t care about our communities, families, or children. They just want power at all costs.

We’ve seen devastating results of their lockdowns. Why should we give them any more power after that?

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