Federal Agents Make Deal With Democrats As Riots Continue

For nearly two months, radical activists have stormed a federal courthouse in Portland, OR. Local Democrats, including the mayor, have refused to stop the violence. President Trump was forced to respond by sending in federal agents, sparking outrage from Democrats. Now, it appears the state government finally caved, coming to an agreement with the Feds.

You have to wonder what is going on inside the heads of Democrats, these days. Are they really willing to overlook night after night of violence in their own cities? Numerous social media posts reveal that Democrat voters are outraged that their leaders would let the violence continue.

We know this is no longer about George Floyd or any other victim of police violence. That excuse was forgotten about long ago. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other groups are self-proclaimed Marxists who want to overthrow our values and way of life. It seems Democrats consider these groups useful allies, in their crusade against President Trump.

But by refusing to stop the violence in Portland, Democrats have only hurt themselves. Americans aren’t buying the line that Trump is “hurting” “peaceful” protesters. We’ve all seen the footage of masked rioters storming the courthouse. We don’t believe for a second that these are law-abiding patriots. So, the only question was: why the hell are Democrats letting this happen?

It seems the dam is breaking and Oregon Democrats have been forced to cave.

Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf announced Wednesday that the Oregon governors office, Vice President Mike Pence, and officials from DHS have agreed to a plan to draw down the presence of federal agents in Portland, Oregon…

The plan, Wolf notes, includes a “robust presence of Oregon State Police” in downtown Portland and demands that state and local authorities — including Portland police officers who have so far been prevented from actively engaging rioters — secure “properties and streets” surrounding the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse and other federal properties which have been “under nightly attack for the past two months.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Local and state police were prevented—by the mayor and governor—from stopping the riots. A good old fashion SWAT team should have been enough to end this nonsense. But local cops were denied because Democrat leaders were too cowardly to stop the riots.

But even Brown had to see that she was only hurting her own residents. How long before every last Democrat voter rebelled, demanding action?

The agreement will only hold, so long as Gov. Brown allows local police to do their jobs. If the rioters continue to make matters worse, you better believe that the Feds will continue their work.

Isn’t it funny, though, how these Democrats were only concerned about the federal law enforcement presence in their city? Why weren’t they upset when masked rioters attacked a federal courthouse? Why weren’t they worried that these criminals wouldn’t storm neighborhoods and homes?

These are radical anarchists, after all. They may be after the courthouse today. Tomorrow? Well, we’ve seen what their cohorts have done across the country. How long before all of Portland is a smoking ruin?

Brown might be thinking she’s salvaged her reputation and party. Not quite. Americans haven’t forgotten that while rioters destroyed their cities, Democrats called for the defunding of police. Just because the governor came to an agreement with the Feds doesn’t mean she or her party is in the clear.

Democrats let rioters run wild for over two months straight. They criticized anyone that condemned the violence and called for law and order. Thanks to Democratic leadership, major cities are like warzones.

Something tells me even the staunchest blue voter will be rethinking their choices, come November.

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