After Democrats Refuse To Condemn Antifa – Ted Cruz Fires Back

Since early Summer, violent rioters have run free in major cities across America. Crime has surged as Democrats ignore the danger, going as far as defunding police departments. Sen. Ted Cruz held a hearing to explore the destruction caused by radical anarchistic group Antifa. Democrats were oddly unwilling to condemn the blatant acts of crime caused by this group.

Very few people can now claim the months’ long riots had anything to do with the death of George Floyd. That excuse went out the window when organized rioters started to destroy and loot cities across America. Whatever legitimate protesting was going on was quickly co-opted by groups that simply wanted to rampage through our country.

For Antifa and BLM, this is what they’ve wanted for a long time. Both radical groups have a history of violent protests. And both hate our values and ways of life, embracing Marxism and the overthrow of our society.

We shouldn’t be too surprised to see them wreak havoc, but we should be surprised that Democrats—who swore an oath to uphold our laws—have turned a blind eye to it.

Even when Sen. Ted Cruz held a hearing to discuss the damage down by Antifa, Democrats refused to condemn them. One Democrat in fact walked out, so unwilling to acknowledge the truth.

Cruz, who chaired a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing concerning Antifa Tuesday, slammed Democrats for not condemning the far-left group.

“Seven Democrats spoke and … questioned the witnesses. Not a single one dared to … criticize Antifa in any way, because they’re making a cynical decision that they want to encourage these radical leftists who are assaulting and threatening American citizens,” Cruz said. “It’s really unfortunate.”

The hearing was marked by antagonism between Cruz and Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, who left before the hearing was adjourned.

Cruz told host Sean Hannity that the Democratic Party has “really unleashed the crazies.” [Source: Fox News]

Cruz explained why Democrats refuse to confront the violence caused by Antifa. He said they are making a “cynical decision” to “encourage these radical leftists.” Antifa has thrived in blue cities. Even though their leaders should have been arrested and charges years ago, Democrats have let them run free. Even recently, when Antifa destroyed cities like Portland and Seattle, Democrat leaders did nothing.

It appears Democrats are deeply invested in seeing Antifa become successful in spreading unrest and fear. When Cruz confronted them with footage of the horrible things this group has done, Democrat Sen. Hirono even stormed out of the room.

That shouldn’t be too surprising. Democrats, after all, live in an echo chamber and rarely pay attention to facts. Cruz went on to say they are “denying reality.” Sounds about right.

Most Americans have had to watch violent rioters spread chaos in major U.S. cities. Many are helpless as these anarchists destroyed property, tore down statues, burned churches, and endangered lives. Some people lost their homes and businesses. Meanwhile, Democrats applaud the “peaceful” protests and refuse to intervene. They plan to even abolish or defund their local police, to the shock and horror of millions.

Cruz’s Senate hearing is a perfect example of just how far off the deep end Democrats have gone. Their cities are in ruins, with so many lives destroyed. Yet they refuse to both condemn rioters or take responsibility for what has happened. When President Trump sent in federal agents to restore order, Democrats got mad at him.

Clearly, Democrats has everything backwards. They have lost their moral compass a long time ago. They are allies of thugs, rioters, and anarchists. They won’t be happy until any trace of peace and prosperity is taken from every last one of us.

The only thing that will teach them, is losing their jobs.

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