After Wealthy Flee Destroyed Liberal City – Governor Begs Them To Come Back

It’s no secret that thanks to their foolish “leadership,” New York suffered more than any other state during the pandemic. NYC’s mayor progressively made worse and worse decisions, even up to today. And the governor issued orders that punished locals and doomed nursing home residents. Is it any wonder people fled as fast and as far as they could? Now that the state is on the verge of financial collapse, the governor is begging people to return.

At the start of the COVID panic, many states inflated the crisis. They claimed that they need a monsoon of support from the federal government—more than they apparently needed. Why? Because, as Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats said, never let a crisis go to waste. These state leaders wanted to drain as much cash from the federal government as they could.

In New York, the White House surged support for the state in the form of mobile hospitals, PPE, ventilators, and even a Naval hospital ship. Little of all this support was actually used. But at the height of the panic, Gov. Cuomo demanded 40,000 ventilators (they only ended up needing 4,000). Meanwhile, Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio brutalized residents with lockdowns, heavy mandates, and even “snitch” lines for neighbors to rat out neighbors.

Naturally, those that could flee the city did. Most of them were the richest one percent. But, you see, that posed a big problem for the state. These folks paid nearly 50% of the state’s tax revenue!

So, after abusing residents, shutting down their businesses, and denying them their rights, the governor is begging them to come back—to take their money.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been visiting New Yorkers who fled the state during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, begging them to return to the state from Connecticut and other second-home locations after admitting the “one percent” pay a shocking 50% of state taxes.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been begging rich people to return to New York City from their second-home retreats so they can pay taxes to help offset the state’s growing coronavirus-related revenue shortfall,” the New York Post reported Tuesday. [Source: Daily Wire]

How pathetic. New York handled the crisis horribly (perhaps only rivaled by California). Tens of thousands of residents died. Cuomo forced sick people into nursing homes. De Blasio ignored the threat, then went overboard with restrictions. Even today, countless businesses are shuttered—doomed for bankruptcy. Yet Cuomo wanted the rich residents to return, so he can bleed them like a vampire.

Cuomo wanted the federal government to just write the state a check. That way, he could have covered the massive debt it’s been facing for years. That didn’t happen (Trump’s no chump). Even the medical support he sent wasn’t needed (Cuomo was just after cash). So now, Cuomo needs to shake down residents that have 0% incentive to return.

Why should people go back to a state that is still mostly locked down? A state that has seen cases drop off big time, but is still being treated like a war zone? A state that has punished American citizens, treating them like criminals—while criminals were let out of jail?

It’s really quite hilarious. Cuomo and de Blasio abused these people and now expect them to come back. Do they think they’re like battered housewives, who have no other options? If I were these people, I’d pull up my stakes and never look back (in fact, I did that seven years ago, when I moved from NYC). They have no reason to return to a dreary, unpleasant, overcrowded state with surging taxes. They can’t even get a drink because the bars are still closed!

The only real tragedy here is that most New Yorkers can’t afford to leave. Because by now, they all would if they could.

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